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Zoning Bylaws

The purpose of these Zoning Regulations to preserve the values of community, independence and privacy that are essential to the character of the Town. Without some basic roles governing land use development, the future of the Town will be decided not by its residents, but by the larger, impersonal forces of growth.

These Zoning Regulations also recognize that growth in the Town is inevitable, but that, if possible, it should be on terms established by the residents of the Town, not anyone else's terms. It is the further general purpose of these Zoning Regulations to establish guidelines for the development of land that will minimize disputes between neighbors over the effects of development. The Zoning Regulations also seek to ensure that new development will not harm the Town's financial condition and its ability to pay for current and future expenses for necessary public services. Finally, it is the general purpose of these Zoning Regulations to find ways to permit the development of land in a manner that is compatible with the incomparable natural resources and wildlife that exist in the Town.

>> Complete zoning bylaws

Subdivision Bylaws

The purpose of these Subdivision Regulations is to provide for orderly growth and coordinated development in the Town of Starksboro, to assure the comfort, convenience, safety, health, and welfare of the people, to carry out the purposes of the Town Plan, to assure conformance with zoning regulations, capital budget and program and official map, to make proper provision for drainage, water, sewerage, roads, recreational facilities, open space and other improvements, to recognize a desirable relation to land form, its topography and geology, to natural drainage and surface water runoff, and to the ground water table, to preserve natural assets, and further the purposes of the Act.

Town Plan

Starksboro’s Town Plan is developed under the authority of Chapter 117, Title 24, Vermont Statutes Annotated. Starksboro’s long-term planning efforts, initiated in the late 1980s, have been effective in guiding growth and development in such a way as to preserve valuable natural and economic resources while balancing the rights of individuals. In accordance with Title 24, town plans must be reviewed, revised as needed, and readopted every five years.

Residents of Starksboro are urged to read and consider this Plan carefully, giving thought to goals, objectives and policies that contribute to protecting and preserving Starksboro’s valuable resources while guiding a gradual and diversified growth pattern.

The Town Plan is currently under revision. To read the current draft, please click here. All town residents are encouraged to read and comment on the draft through writing to the Planning Commission.