Welcome to the Stanwood Tech Challenge! 
Twice each month you will be challenged to try something new. Every challenge is an opportunity to learn a new skill or explore a new resource that could make your job easier, your lessons more engaging, your classroom more collaborative, or all three! 

Any teacher who completes the challenge will be entered in a drawing for actual prizes! To complete a challenge you must provide evidence - usually a screen shot, or similar proof of completion. The evidence will be collected in a Google Classroom site.

To participate in the challenges, you will need to enroll in the Stanwood Tech Challenge Classroom (via Google Classroom). Go to classroom.google.com and sign in to your Google account. Click the Join Class button (plus symbol) and enter the following code to join the class:

Amazing Prizes!
When you successfully complete a Tech Challenge, you will be entered into a drawing. Stay tuned for info about what prizes we are giving away!

Feel free to email Mark Wayland or Nate Hanson with any questions about the Tech Challenges! Good luck!

Clock Hours!
This year, each Tech Challenge will come with an opportunity to earn clock hours! To get the clock hours you will need to:

1) Complete the Tech Challenge
2) Complete the extended learning section (if required)
3) Fill out a quick survey documenting the minutes spent on the extended learning