AP Calculus AB Syllabus

Mr. Swanson


Stanwood High School

Phone: 360-629-1300


CCC Room 16







Course Overview

This is a rigorous course.  This course is designed to be equivalent to a semester of college calculus and will prepare you for the AP test, college entrance exams, and your first classes in college.  Our pace may be brisk at times and it is imperative that you keep up with the daily work and get help when needed.  We will be learning about limits and the next two basic operations: differentiation and integration.  These three topics are the main topics of Calculus.  Understanding these topics will give you better insight into other classes that you will take and the world around you.


Materials Needed

You are expected to bring the following materials to class each day:

-          A spiral notebook or composition book for notes.

-          Paper to do homework and class work on.  (This can be torn out of the spiral notebook)

-          Appropriate writing utensils (I strongly recommend pencils for this).

-          The textbook: Foerster’s Calculus: Concepts and Applications (we will be checking this out from the library)

-          A graphing calculator.  (I strongly recommend having your own, as you will continue using it throughout the remainder of your education.  I do have several that are available for checkout, however.)


General Rules and Expectations

In this classroom you are expected to act responsibly.  This includes, but is not limited to:

-          Arriving on time each day, ready to work.

-          Participating in classroom discussions.

-          Using class time appropriately.

-          Treating others and their ideas with respect.

-          Acting in a manner appropriate to young adults.

-          Leaving your personal business out of class.  (Example: NO CELL PHONES!!!)

-          And generally following all school rules.

Failure to abide by these few expectations will result in a few consequences including a warning, parental involvement, detention, Saturday school, and/or a referral to an administrator.


Tardies and Absences

You are considered tardy if you are not in your seat and ready to work when the bell rings.  Tardies will be dealt with according to the school policy.  If you are absent for whatever reason, it is your responsibility to get the material and make up work.  Absent work will be handled as per school policy.




Tests – 100 points with 5 or 6 AP extra credit questions.

-          There are no retakes on tests.

-          Tests are due at the end of the period.

-          If you are unable to take a test on a test day, then you will be given a make-up test which is generally harder and does not include the extra credit questions.

-          Most of the tests will be taken without the use of a calculator.

-          Testing procedures will be similar to HSPE procedures.

Class Participation – 1 point daily

-          Students must be actively participating in working the board problems during class.  A lack of participation will result in a 0 for that day.  If you are absent the point will be excused for the day.

Homework – 2 points per worksheet

-          There will be 4 homework assignments per chapter.  All 4 are due the day of the test.


Grading Scale


100 – 93%  A

92.9 – 90% A-

89.9 – 87% B+

86.9-83% B

82.9-80% B-

79.9-77% C+

76.9-73% C

729-70% C-

69.9-67% D+

66.9-60% D

< 60% F


Homework and Board Sets

As with most areas of math, Calculus takes practice.  Because of this each chapter will have a number of ‘board sets’ and 4 homework assignments.  The board sets are problems that we will mostly do in class, although we will most likely not finish all of them in class.  These are not assignments that need to be turned in, but they do give you practice and exposure to more views of problems.  The four assignments are due at the end of the chapter on the day of the test.  Any assignments turned in after the test are considered late and will not receive points.


Tests and Quizzes

I do not tolerate cheating of any kind and do not give much help during tests and quizzes.  They are an assessment of your abilities on the specific topics being covered.  There are no retakes of tests or quizzes in this class.


This is a very challenging course that will open up whole new areas of math for you.  By learning the concepts and applying them to the world around us, you will not only be preparing yourself for future classes but you will also gain a better understanding of the real world that you live in.  I believe that with your help and enthusiasm we will cover all of the topics that we need to while having an enjoyable and entertaining time in the process.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.






                                                                                    John Swanson

John Swanson,
Sep 6, 2017, 12:04 PM