Welcome Back, Students!

We begin the year with the final installment in Peter Reynolds "Creatrilogy" series. Two years ago, we read The Dot and covered the library walls with our own "dots". Last year we read Ish and our dots reflected the sun-ish, fuzzy-ish, funny-ish, etc. qualities of the things we love most. This year, with Sky color, we will draw the place, person, thing, or activity we love and then pour our own skycolors into the backgrounds of our dots. Remember, our sky color can not include any blue!
Is this a challenge? Of course, but we will be exploring literacy, technology, and digital citizenship experiences with a growth mindset throughout the year. What a great way to begin learning and incorporating our new Wilshire Park Media Center Mission Statement:

    "We don't know everything YET . . . Yes! Explore Together."

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