Class Information: 

Hello.  I teach Physics & Engineering 9, Physics by Inquiry (dual-enrollment with University of Minnesota), and AP Physics.  I post all grades to Infinite Campus. 
Daily class information is posted on Google Classroom. More details are included below.

  • Grades are entered into Infinite Campus. Missing assignments are marked with an M. Blank assignments mean I still have to enter scores. Scores with a "Dr" by them mean the score was dropped. The gradebook is setup to drop the students lowest homework or lab score.
Daily Activity:
  • What we do each day is located in our Google Classroom page (https://classroom.google.com). Students must login to their school Google account to gain access to the site. Parents can receive daily or weekly updates from Google Classroom. Parents are allowed view-only access to google classroom while maintaining data privacy (Google restricts that to students in order to follow federal student data privacy laws).
My public website - this page.

    • Shares some of the major resources, a link to our notes folder that parents can access, and a link to our private Google Classroom page. 
    • My public page is only occasionally updated and is intended to become a general resource for what we do during different units of study. 

My class schedule for Semester 1, 2017-2018
1 - Open
2 - AP Physics 1
3 - Physics 9
4 - Physics By Inquiry
5 - AP Physics C Mechanics
6 - Physics 9
7 - Open
My class schedule for Semester 2, 2017-2018
Possibly changing
1 - Physics 9
2 - AP Physics 1
3 - Physics 9
4 - Physics By Inquiry
5 - AP Physics C Mechanics
6 - Open
7 - Study Hall

Contact Information:

The easiest way to contact me is by email plulai@stanthony.k12.mn.us

Phone calls are more challenging to catch and return. Additionally, other groups use my room and my phone resulting in several messages that are not for me. When I do not have students, I am often out of my room taking care of paperwork. If emails won't work and you need to contact me by phone, please use 612-706-1146.