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Mrs. Amy Allred

First Grade
Second Grade

Third Grade
Mrs. Meghan Deters
Mrs. Susan Bushur

Fourth Grade
Miss Natalie Bohnhoff
Mrs. Janet Cummins

Fifth Grade
Mrs. Ashley Bierman
Mrs. Lindsey Storm

Junior High
Please click here to access all junior high teacher conference schedules.

Physical Education and Health (Room 201)
Mr. Cody Rincker 

Art (Room 202)
Mrs. Christy Hiatt

Research (Library)
Mrs. Roberta Meyer

5th-8th Grade Band (Band Room)
Miss Christy Cyrus

Music Grades K-5, Music Appreciation Grades 6-8 (Room 10, in cafeteria)

Spanish Grades 6-8, Math 4th and 5th Grade (Room 210)
Mrs. Leslie Probst

Computers Grades 2-8 (Room 211)