Welcome to Mrs. Gardewine's Second Grade!


*Spelling tests will not be on a set day of the week. Our spelling is a component of our phonics. We will have a phonics and spelling assessment every five lessons. We will not have a spelling test on a Monday. We need to instill good study habits. Please go over their spelling words each night. If spelling comes easily for your child please do not skip the routine of practice. It will serve them will in the future. If you click on the Spelling Words tab on this page I have all the spelling lists with the date of their test.
*Phonics will usually consist of reading and spelling our High Frequency Words. Eventually they will be using the High Frequency Words in a COMPLETE sentence. As second graders I require a minimum of five words per sentence. This encourages detail such as adjective, adverbs, and prepositional phrases. This will help them develop as a writer.  Your child will complete the coding page with comprehension at school. No phonics homework on Fridays.

*Math will usually be the Homework side of the worksheet. I will usually have them complete all of the Fact Practice page at school. I do expect them to practice their facts using XtraMath. I will be sending home details along with your child's login and password. There will not be math homework on Fridays. 

* Your child should read 20 min. at least five times a week. I expect your child to take an A.R. test every day. If your child is ready for chapter books I realize they will need more days to read before taking a test. Epic is a great app that has a huge number of books for your child. There might be times your child forgets to bring a book home or you have read all your backup books at home. Epic makes sure there are always reading options. 

*I will assign specific skills on IXL to each child once I have the MAP Growth Testing information. The bottom right corner of the IXL screen will show "from the teacher". There you will find the skills your child needs extra practice with. Each student should spend a minimum of 10 min. five days a week working on IXL. I will be sending home IXL information. 

Spread the homework out. It doesn't have to all be completed in one sitting.  Give you and your child breaks throughout the evening. 


Monday-Computer Lab

Tuesday- Music

Wednesday- PE (tennis/gym shoes required)

Thursday-Mass and Health

Friday- Art and Library

About me:

I have been teaching since 1986 ( Please do NOT do the math!) I have taught at Sacred Heart, Our Lady of Lourdes, St. Michael, and Teutopolis Grade School. I have worked with kinder-8th.  I started at St. Anthony in 1998. I have been teaching second grade ever since.  Second is the perfect grade!

I am married and have four children. My husband Todd works in Effingham as a letter carrier for the USPS. My daughter Avery graduated with her Masters of Social Work and works for Davita Dialysis. She also teaches dance at Dance Life Center. Avery was married June 2021 to Cole Braunecker.  Zachary is a nurse working on the Intensive Care Cardiac floor at Mercy Hospital in St. Louis, MO.  Andrew graduated from McKendree University. Andrew is continuing his education for an additional bachelors degree at Full Sail University in Winter Park, FL.  Morgan is an occupational therapy major at Maryville University. Morgan is completing her clinicals and will graduate in December. Morgan will marry Austin Hartke Sept. 2022.  We have two dogs.  Finn is a mini goldendoodle and Tillie is a cockapoo. They make our empty nest not so empty. 

I am a graduate of St. Anthony Grade and High School. My children are the 5th generation of my family to graduate from St. Anthony Schools.  We have a proud tradition and I am honored to be a part of it.