Home Grade 3 Mrs. Bushur

Mrs. Bushur welcomes you to 3rd Grade!
This WILL be a GREAT year!!  Treat others the way you want to be treated.  I am excited to have your child for the 2019-2020 school year!

Please feel free to email me at sbushur@stanthony.com

  With life being different with social distancing and coping with being away from the classroom, Scholastic has put out a great way to keep your mind sharp while at home. PLEASE check out the website.


Religion-mainly done in class. Try to participate and bring in items when applicable. There will be some kind of assessment after each chapter. We also might do a craft/art project for understanding.  Hopefully to grow spiritually and personally with GOD to be a life long practicing CATHOLIC. 

FOR MASS READING can listen too.

Math - We do "A" side together; if it is NOT done 
              correctly--vision and hearing skill need
              to improve vastly. (We do it together on the smartboard)
              "B" side is always homework. One paper is     
                facts the other is the lesson. If your child is working and using class
               time wisely, hopefully these papers will be finished.

We usually do a story in a week. 

A selection assessment about the story will be given on Thursday or Friday. (paper/pencil. Quizizz or Kahoot or maybe google something)
Packet of papers will usually be complete or corrected on Friday. Teacher discretion if a grade is taken or not and if ALL pages need to be done.  Students will take an AR test on the reading story in our book and that will be counted as a grade.

 Spelling -  (website)  Spelling City

  Soc. Studies- Use of BINDER with papers to do. This will encourage reading the textbook. Assessment maybe written test, slide presentation, paragraph writing, picture, oral report after every chapter.                                   

Science - with Mrs. Deters (changing classes)

RtI Websites