About the Teacher

Thank you, Ms. Hope Mueller for nominating me as a SUPER TEACHER which I am very honored to accept. My 28 years spent at St. Ann doesn't seem that long at all to me because being a teacher has always been my passion and I love being with the children, some of whose children have also now become my students. I look forward to coming to work everyday seeing the little ones with their eager faces and warm hugs for me. Knowing that I am helping mold them to grow up being the best that they can be is priceless. i consider St. Ann my second home and I will always treasure it in my heart. 

 My name is Marina Malig. I started teaching at St. Ann School in 1989, shortly after moving to New York City from the Philippines. St. Ann always felt like home to me. The joy of being here and teaching the little ones decades later is unparalleled. In more recent years, I have found my former students bring back their own children to my class. It humbles me to know that my influence to my students has given them the trust to continue my passion in their own children. I love the growth opportunities that this age group offers. I am excited to work with your child and your family this school year!