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Lower Key Stage 2


Year 3/4 Staff 

Phase Leader- Mr Pickford

Elm: Mr Pickford

Ash: Ms Wagstaff and Mrs Gripton

Ms Wagstaff -

Oak: Mrs Purser-

Elm: Mr Pickford

Mrs Walker, Mrs Aldridge, Ms Phillips are the teaching assistants working in our phase. 

KEY DATE! - Our next celebration afternoon is December 13th - The children have some fantastic things to share with you all. Please meet us in the school hall at 2pm.

Please can we ensure that our PE kits are in school all week - Our PE slots are on Monday and Tuesday afternoons, but whilst the weather is still on our side (for now) we may be able to use the outside space a little more regularly.

Your children have all been given a planner - This is to act as a home communication tool, please feel free to write any messages to us in these - We will read and respond to these as quickly as we can.

Our email addresses can be used to contact us at any time about any issue or concern that you feel is important. We will do our best to respond to these as quickly as possible.

At the start of the year your children were sent home with a homework sheet - This can be completed at any time over the autumn term  (at a time to fit in with your household) and can be returned to school when you are ready - We are so excited to see what your children come up with!

Year 3/4 Key Information

Members of Staff

·         Mr Pickford (Elm class teacher and Phase Leader)

·         Ms Wagstaff (Ash class teacher)

·         Mrs J Smith (Ash class teacher)

·         Mrs Purser (Oak class teacher)

·         Mrs Thomas

·         Ms Phillips

·         Mrs Aldridge
.         Mrs Walker

Staffing Arrangements

·         PPA will be covered on a Wednesday afternoon by Ms Phillips, Mrs Beacham, Miss Tracy and Mrs Thomas and Mrs Cobon. Class teachers plan these sessions and discuss them with the staff member delivering them beforehand.

Accelerated Reader

In Year 3/4, we are extremely fortunate to have Accelerated Reader as a resource for the children. The main aspects of the programme are as follows:

·         The children’s reading will be assessed each half term. Teachers will use these assessments to set targets for the children and provide further support if needed.

·         From the reading tests, the children are given a book level range which they use when choosing books from the school library to ensure that what they are reading is appropriate for them.

·         Every time a child finishes a book, they need to log on and complete the book quiz for it to check that they have understood what they have read. Book quizzes can only be completed at school.

·         There are rewards for classes that perform well in the book quizzes and a display board that celebrates their successes.

·         Parents can log on to Home Connect to monitor their child’s progress with the book quizzes.


Here are some of the key expectations in Year 3/4:

  • Try your best and challenge yourself
  • Pride in what you and others do (this will be reflected in how you present your work)
  • Value each other
  • Have good manners and be polite to others
  • Work well with others
  • Be organised

Rewards and Sanctions

Alongside the high expectations for behaviour, we have a rewards and sanctions system for the children in the phase:

·         Verbal praise and acknowledgement is used.

·         We aim to reward and re-enforce positive behaviour and attitudes.

·         We have a Going for Gold system where the children get rewards when they get into the gold section for making good choices and trying their best.

·         Raffle tickets are given out as a reward and draws taken place regularly within the class.

·         Children can receive a ‘dip in the box’ if they are drawn out of the raffle or for particularly good behaviour.

·         House points are also given out for good work or effort.

·         Every week we have Achievements Assembly (Friday 2.40pm). Parents will be informed if their child is an achiever that week and invited to the assembly to share their success.

·         For bad choices, children are firstly given a verbal warning. If the behaviour does not improve, they will receive an amber card which means they will miss part of their break. If a child still does not improve, they will receive a red card which means they will carry on with their work in a different class (in a different phase) and catch up with any learning they have missed at break or lunchtime.

·         Parents will be informed if their child has received a red card. Amber and red cards will be monitored by Mrs Crowe and if a child receives a series of red cards, a meeting will be arranged with the parents, class teacher and a member of the senior leadership team to put forward a plan to improve the behaviour of the child.

Important Information

  • The children will practise their spellings every day in school. Spellings will be sent home and although homework is not compulsory it would be very helpful if parents could ensure that they practise them.
  • The children will do the Times Table Olympics every week so any extra practice of these number facts would also be very beneficial.
  • Education City homework will be set every week for children to complete and rewards will be given out for those that have complete it.
  • Topic homework will also be set once a half term.
  • Children should be reading at home every day, either to an adult or independently depending on their confidence.
  • Their student planner is needed in school every day as it is a great communication tool.
  • Stationery is not required. We will provide everything they need.
  • Please bring a water bottle which is named.
  • A labelled oversized shirt for Art activities would also be useful.
  • There is limited space for bags in the cloakrooms so please remember this when you are choosing a school bag for September.
  • Children are encouraged to take charge of their belongings and check that they have everything that they need for school every day.
  • If the children are not having a hot snack from school, they are welcome to bring a healthy snack from home for break. As we have several children with nut allergies, please do not send in any food containing nuts.
  • There will be newsletters to parents at the start of each half term which will include information about  topics, visits, mini-projects, performances, meetings, reminders and home-activities.