School Council

This is a critical part of our self-evaluation process and serves to identify the important role children can play in the progress and vision for our school. There are a number of procedures we use to involve children in the day to day running and improvement of St Anne’s.

Our School Council represents classes across the school and provides solutions and ideas to continually make the school a better place in which to live and work. Councillors are elected annually by classes and meet at least twice per half term. It is expected that council members ensure that their behaviour, presentation and attitudes are a model for the rest of the school. They are involved in fund-raising, taking assemblies and in supporting school improvement decision-making and target-setting by attending the Whole School Development Meeting in February.

We regularly consult pupils through interviews, surveys and, starting this year, an annual questionnaire which gauges pupil opinions and supports our self-evaluation procedures. Children have also represented the pupil community on the Travel Plan working group and through the Fair Trade Club and Eco Committees.