We are always keen to find out what parents and carers think and we know that opinions about homework can be very varied. There has been much debate in the press about the nature and purpose of homework and we hope we get the balance of what we ask children (and parents) to do about right.

Even so, you may have concerns or opinions about homework activities and we would like to hear them so we can ‘fine-tune’ our policy and practice. We also know that, in terms of homework, there are as many opinions as there are people who are asked!!

Homework should always be:

  • Relevant
  • Linked to children’s current school activities
  • Capable of being produced without excessive support from parents or carers
  • Either an extension ‘challenge’ or a reinforcement of a skill previously taught
  • Acknowledged, marked or assessed by the Class Teacher as appropriate

The Reasons WE give out homework:

  • To encourage children to take personal responsibility for their learning and progress
  • To develop or practise skills taught in class a little further
  • To encourage the whole family to get involved with what the children are doing at school
  • To prepare the children for the homework demands of future schools
  • To encourage independence

If Homework IS completed:

  • We praise children for their efforts
  • We reward them for their continued application
  • We don’t compare children’s efforts or what they have produced

If Homework is NOT completed:

  • We encourage children and explain the importance of completing it
  • We don’t punish them or highlight the differences in quality between children’s work

We understand that some parents may not agree with homework and we could not insist that the work was completed.
We would always be flexible and listen to parents’ concerns. Please tell us if you think the work is too challenging, too easy or inappropriate. All we would ask is that the children HAVE A GO!