Mrs. Prymas

Welcome Back

Please check the school website for supplies and summer reading activities.

Check the Homework Menu Link next to my name for assignments.


We will begin with a back to school review using short vowels and high-frequency words. Keep reading at home. Homework will come home in your child's folder, please complete and return the next day.


New Friends and New Beginnings in first grade. We will talk about being friends and how to work together as a team. Jesus is our best friend.


We will work on basic addition and subtraction math facts in school. Homework will come home in your child's folder. Please complete and return the next day.

Spelling and Writing

Spelling Tests will begin soon. Each week your child will have a spelling test on the vowels we are working on in the classroom. A writing activity will be part of this test. Please practice correct sentence structure at home. We begin our sentence with a capital letter and end with the correct punctuation mark. Talk about finger spacing between each word.

Practice your spelling and high-frequency words on the link below. Check the home letter for the lesson unit we are working on.

Test Folders

Every Friday test folders will come home. Please sign each test and return them on Monday in the folder.

Homework Policy

The children will receive homework coins for completed homework. Homework is part of the classroom grade. Please encourage homework to be done neatly.





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