Drama Club 2018-2019

COSTUMES DUE - on or by March 5th. If you need help finding your costume and would rather just pay for it, please let me know and I will have our costume committee shop for you.

All Character can begin finding costume pieces. For inexpensive items - ask around, look at Goodwill, Amazon, & Walmart. Please label everything. Small pieces should be put in a ziplock bag. Everything else should be put on a hanger. You will not leave your shoes until tech week.

Bert Healy - I have your jacket. You need pants, hat, and bowtie

Usherette- I have a jacket and top hat. You will need a black skirt. You can wear the black skirt in the mansion also.

Mansion Ensemble:

Shoes Girls -Black ballet or jazz shoes for girls ( I will bring in my stash for the girls to try on if you do not own a pair).

Boys - black shoes

Girls hair- Neatly pulled back in a low bun if possible. Very short hair is ok down.

Boys need- black pants, white school shirt, black bow tie. (it would be good if you had the same bowtie. Please coordinate.)

Girls - black tights (your other costume pieces will be supplied for you) If you can donate $10 that would be helpful. The total cost of the costume is over $20 per person.

Anna Coassolo

Sofia Liberati

Sophia Freemont

Seamus Daly

Olivia Schueck

Bridget McDonnell

Isabella Kucher

Zoe Burns

Avery Haberle

Keira Martino

Megan Martino

Elise Eisenhard

Mansion Staff: - your cosutme is different from the rest of the servants. You will need a black tights, black skirt, and black top, or you can wear a black dress. Search google for ideas. 1930's style - the skirt comes past the knee.

Cecille - Anna Farnschlader

Annette - Erin Durso

Mrs. Greer - Brooklyn Joyce

NYC Ensemble:

Shoes: - whatever you need to wear for the other scene is fine.

Costume- You will cover up your other costume with a winter coat. Accessorize if you want with a hat/glove. You can google search NYC - New Yorker Ensemble for other ideas or look under the cosutme tab.

Brooklyn Joyce

Madeline Warrenfeltz

Laura Rutch - LT. Ward - police outfit.

Elizabeth Yoachim

Olivia Schueck

Bridget McDonnell

Isabella Kucher

Zoe Burns

Jerry Rocks

Isabella Kucher

Anna Farnschlader

Lola Schaeffer

TOY BINGO- March 22nd @ 6:30 pm

You can start sending in prize donations for Toy Bingo.

Small toys or gift items between $5 - $10.

Gift cards are also welcome.

Students in grades 7 & 8 are expected to help run the event.

All other students are encouraged to attend. This is an important fundraiser for drama club.

Mrs. Binder dbinder@stann-emmaus.org

SHOWS: APRIL 11th(in school), 12th-13th evening &14th matinee