Please keep all personal supplies like brushes & makeup in a ziplock labeled with your name. Do not wear any additional hair pieces other than what we give you except for a rubber band matching your hair color. No headbands of any kind. If you have hair to short to wear up, use your best judgement.

Lily St Regis - 1st a little wild, then put in a low bun.

Orphans & orphan ensemble - braids, pony tails, or pig tails.

Drake, Apple Seller, Servants, Mansion Ensemble, and NYC Ensemble- hair neatly pulled back, low bun or other neat looking style.

Grace- pulled back sophisticated look- french twist or bun.

Miss Hannigan - your hair can be a little wild with curls.

Dog Catcher- hair pulled back under hat if you can.

Lt. Ward - low bun

Girls- MAKE UP- All middle school students can bring make up for the school performance. Light foundation, eye makeup, and lipstick is appropriate in brown tones. All other students can wear makeup for the weekend performances. The purpose of makeup is to make the actor not look washed out under the bright lights. You can look on this website if you need ideas on how to apply it. Foundation, blush, eye liner, mascara, lip stick. If you do not want your child to wear makeup, they do not have to.

Mansion Ensemble:

Shoes Girls -Black ballet or jazz shoes for girls ( I will bring in my stash for the girls to try on if you do not own a pair).

Boys - black shoes

Girls hair- Neatly pulled back in a low bun if possible. Very short hair is ok down.

Boys need- black pants, white school shirt, black bow tie. (it would be good if you had the same bowtie. Please coordinate.)

Girls - black tights (your other costume pieces will be supplied for you) If you can donate $10 as a rental fee, we would appreciate it. The total cost of the costume is over $20 per person.

Anna Coassolo

Sofia Liberati

Sophia Freemont

Seamus Daly

Olivia Schueck

Bridget McDonnell

Isabella Kucher

Zoe Burns

Avery Haberle

Keira Martino

Megan Martino

Elise Eisenhard

Mansion Staff: - your cosutme is different from the rest of the servants. You will need black tights, black skirt, and black top, or you can wear a black dress. Search google for ideas. 1930's style - the skirt should come past the knee.

Cecille - Anna Farnschlader

Annette - Erin Durso

Mrs. Greer - Brooklyn Joyce

Orphans- We have your costumes.

NYC Ensemble:

Shoes: - whatever you need to wear for the other scene is fine.

Costume- You will cover up your other costume with a winter coat. Accessorize if you want with a hat/glove/purse. You can google search NYC - New Yorker Ensemble for other ideas or look under the cosutme tab.

Brooklyn Joyce

Madeline Warrenfeltz

Laura Rutch - LT. Ward - police outfit.

Elizabeth Yoachim

Olivia Schueck

Bridget McDonnell

Isabella Kucher

Zoe Burns

Jerry Rocks

Isabella Kucher

Anna Farnschlader

Lola Schaeffer

PLEASE NOTE: NYC dancers are different from the ensemble. I am working on your costume. I will let you know what you will need.