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MSL Prep Resources (Final Exam)

On this page you will find the essential standards organized by quarters. Each quater has a variety of pdf files and online quizzes. Students that utilize these resources will be well prepared for the quarterly benchmarks and the end of year MSL (Final) exam. (Some pdf files are larger than others and may take a while to download. You can save the pdf files to your computer for faster access in the future.)

NC 6th Gr Science MSL Sample Questions
Year End Practice for the Common Exam (Final Exam):

6th Grade Science Final Exam Practice (NC): (Kahoot!)
 * Students are divided into teams of equal sizes.
 * Each team designates a spokesperson.
 * Each team gets a chance to be on offence.
 * Start with team 1, if they get a question correct they receive two points.
    Someone from that team gets a chance to shoot a two pointer or three pointer shot.
 * If team 1 misses the answer, team 2 gets a chance to steal. If team 2 gets the answer correctly, they score one point
    and receive possession of the ball.  
 * The teams rotate possession to give each group and student a chance to answer a question and shoot at the trashcan.
 * The team with the most points at the end of the game will be the Trashketball winner.

6th Grade Science Textbook 
(This book requires a password.)

1st Quarter - (Standard 6.E) - [eTextbook sections - PDF Files]
Forces Shaping Earth

Minerals and Rocks
Plate Tectonics
Plate Tectonics and Earth's Structure
Forces That Build the Land
Earthquakes and Volcanoes
Erosional Forces
Weathering and Soil
Weathering and Erosion
Water Erosion and Deposition
Shaping Earth's Surface
Earth's Hydrosphere and Atmosphere
Natural Resources

Earth Systems, Structures and Processes: (Standard 6.E) - [Online Quizzes]

Rocks and Minerals
Rocks & Minerals
Rocking and Rolling
Rocking & Rolling
Rock Test
Rocks and Minerals Test 2
Changes to Earth's Surface
Seafloor Spreading
Seafloor Spreading & Plate Tectonics
Seismic Waves & Earthquakes
Weathering and Soil
Earth's Energy and Mineral Resources
Minerals Self-Check Quiz
Minerals 2 Self-Check Quiz
Minerals 3 Self-Check Quiz
Rocks Self-Check Quiz
Rocks 2 Self-Check Quiz
Rocks 3 Self-Check Quiz
Rocks 4 Self-Check Quiz
Plate Tectonics
Our Impact on Land
Our Impact on Water and Air
Earth Systems, Structures and Processes

2nd Quarter - (Standard 6.L) - [eTextbook sections - PDF Files]
The Nature of Science
The Scientific Method
Earth's Ecosystems
Food Webs
Comparing Ecosystems
The Nonliving Environment
Interactions of Life
Introduction to Animals
Adaptation and Survival
Earth's Land and Water
Plant Processes
Plant Reproduction
Human Effects on Ecosystems
Our Impact on Land

Ecosystems & Living Organisms: (Standard 6.L) - [Online Quizzes]