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District Initiatives

Stanly County Schools continues to implement programs geared to help our students, parents, and staff.  Read more about these programs here:


21st Century Classroom Project

During the 2008-09 school year, the Board of Education approved the four-year 21st Century Classroom project. This new initiative is geared toward creating equity among our schools, while at the same time increasing access to 21st century teaching and learning.

Each year ¼ of the district is retrofitted with ceiling mounted projectors, electronic slates, teacher laptops, classroom desktops, updated computer labs, media centers, and laptop carts. These tools allow every classroom to become an engaging and interactive learning environment.

The Board’s support of 21st century teaching and learning creates a foundation of technology that every school can build from.

Interested in how you can support 21st century skills in SCS? Please contact your school for specific needs.

Bring Your Own Device

The Stanly County School District is changing the landscape of technology in education by implementing a new and ground-breaking initiative. The Bring Your Own Device Program (BYOD) is being piloted by North Stanly Middle and South Stanly High.  Students will be allowed by teacher discretion to bring in devices to use for educational purposes, as an additional resource in class. Our schools are very excited about all the possibilities this pilot can offer to our students and teachers.

For more information about Bring Your Own Device Programs being implemented across the country, please visit our

Access to the District’s wireless network only provides access to the Internet through our web filters for instructional purposes.  For detailed information on current School Board policies and procedures please visit the following documents:

Board Policy - 3189-A Electronic Devices - Student 

Bring Your Own Device Procedures

Race to the Top

Stanly County Schools, along with other districts RTTTin North Carolina, has been the recipient of the 2010 federal Race to the Top (RttT) grants, bringing nearly $400 million to the state for use over the next four years.

The grant is designed to spur public school innovation and is a key component of Stanly County Schools work to continue its momentum for school improvement.