World War I
Propaganda Poster 

Purpose of this project is to expose the students to the concept of propaganda, which used by all sides during World War I.

Students are to select (from the internet, encyclopedia, or other resource) a World War I propaganda poster. Students are to recreate the poster as accurately as possible in all details. This includes image, colors, text, etc.  The poster must be hand drawn and colored, painted, or recreated using construction paper.  Students must provide proof that the poster they are re-creating is a World War I poster. (printout of the image with a date the poster was made or issued) Poster is to be recreated on large poster board size paper.

No poster will be scored if it or any part of it has been printed from a computer.

No poster will be scored if it is not a World War I poster.


  1. Proof that the poster is WW I poster 10 points

  2. Recreated Accurately (image, color, text, size) 50 points

  3. Poster board size 10 points
  4. Difficulty (the more intricate and detailed the poster image the more points a student could receive)

    1. Level 1 15 points
    2. Level 2 20 points
    3. Level 3 30 points

      Sum up possible score +--------------

 Total Score =

Students may show Mr. Morris an image of a poster that they want to do to determine the difficulty level.

The project is worth 3 test grades.

Project is due no later than Thursday March 24, 2016 even if you are absent, the poster is expected to be turned in.  Posters may be turned in earlier.  Any project not turned in by the 24th will have a 10 point deduction for each day the project is late.  This includes absences.


7th Grade
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