Welcome to Art


We are doing a lot.... here it is

Kindergarten: Learning about flowers, seeds, and plants. They will be drawing flowers from pictures.
1st grade:  
The will be working with positive and negative space construction paper cut outs. They will then be using crayons to texture rub these for another artwork. 

2nd grade: Using the Book of Kells as inspiration we are creating our own embellished letters with paint and oil pastels. 

3rd grade: Just finished Impressionist painting and now working with flowers,plants, and seeds. We will then be drawing flowers from photos. 

4th grade: We are painting our clay rattles based on Seagrove, NC. We also had a guest speaker Mr. Derek Davis came and worked with our 4th graders on creating characters for our comic strips. 

5th grade: They are working on positive and negative space marker projects. 

Things that are needed:
  • Yarn
  • Disposable Plastic Round Containers
  • (butter, cool whip, yogurt containers)
  • Towels