We started new spelling words March 27th. 

The next selling test will be Thursday, April 6th.

After that, we will do STEMs instead of spelling.

4th Quarter: April 
ELA & Science Curriculum Updates: 
* Students will do spelling using Words Their Way based on their developmental spelling level for 1 last time then we will start working on the STEMs (pre means before...there are 100 but most are a review from previous years).

* We are using Digital.ReadWorks.org for reading and science review. Ms. Mann chooses stories and articles that go along with each grade's science topics so everyone gets the information they need to learn or review. After reading the story or non-fiction article, students have multiple choice and short answer questions to check their comprehension. Grades are given for the work in both ELA and Science.

* 6th-grade science is focused on the solar system, how gravity keeps the planets revolving around the sun, etc.

* 7th grade is starting Genetics (inherited traits vs environmental factors & learned behavior, Punnett squares).

* 8th grade is starting microbiology (virus, bacteria, micro-organisms of all sorts).

Front Row Ed for spelling. (https://student.frontrowed.com/#login)

Front Row Ed login information: 
Whole first Name (remember to use a capital letter for the first letter, lower case for the others)
Last Initial (capital letter)
Class Codes:      8th grade: mannvb         6th & 7th grade: manhe

Front Row Ed is a GREAT way for your child to practice reading, writing, math, and spelling. The students earn "piggy points" as I call them for each correct answer and they lose points for wrong answers. This keeps them trying. There are daily reports for the students in each class for highest points. The program will occasionally let the students go to the "store" to spend their points/coins to accessorize their pig...or penguin or whatever they have chosen. I can check each student's progress and give them specific assignments from my teacher dashboard. It also helps me track their progress over time.
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