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We are studying Force and Motion

USE THE LINKS BELOW for the week of 4/23-4/27


THURSDAY:  Kinetic and Potential Energy Webquest Links

April at a glance:

4/18-Test on Forces, Friction and Newton's Laws (study guide given)

4/30-Roller Coaster Building week; Materials provided in class, but you may send in additional if your child wishes.  
Materials List:  
1.5 inch foam pipe insulation (found at most hardware stores) 
Masking tape (not duct tape)
any container or cup to catch "car"

Link to Online Textbook

username - WSMS2016
password - colts2016!

Helpful Links:

Muscular System Station Links:

Muscle Station Links:
Station 2: 

Station 4:   

Station 6: