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We appreciate your interest and support in Richfield School. Please feel free to contact us at the school any time between 3:00 - 3:20. The only day of the week we may be unavailable is our staff meeting day, Wednesday. Working together we can accomplish our goals for your child. Thank you for sharing your child with us!

Weekly Objectives:               

I can follow words from left to right, top to bottom, and page by page.


I can classify objects into categories, count the numbers of objects in each category, and sort the categories by count.

Shared Reading 9/24 - 9/7

  My Apple

My apple is red.

My apple is green.

My apple is yellow.

My apple is round.

My apple is gone.



Please see our dates below for upcoming events

* 9 / 28  - Apple Tasting

*10/ 1 - Progress Reports Sent Home

*10/ 3 - Fall PIctures

*10 / 5 - Make Applesauce

*10/ 17 - Pumpkin Patch Field Trip




      *Everything You Wanted To Know About Kindergarten......But May Be Afraid To Ask!*

 We are looking forward to an exciting year in kindergarten. We will have lots of fun and learn many new things. Our goal during the next few weeks is to make this a happy, pleasant, and rewarding learning experience for your child.


Communication:  During the week we may send home forms or papers that need to be signed. These items will come home in an orange teacher/parent communication folder. Please return it each day. This is also a good way to send any notes or concerns that you may have back to us. Newsletters will be sent home explaining the activities taking place in our classroom and upcoming events. The newsletter can also be found on the kindergarten website. Your child’s completed weekly work will be included in the folder each Monday. Please go over your child’s work with them. Praise them for work well done and offer help and encouragement where improvement could be made. Keep the work at home and return the folder the next day.

Arrival: Students are allowed to enter the classroom at 7:50. The tardy bell will ring at 8:00 and all students should be in their seats, ready to learn. Students who arrive before 7:50 and are not eating breakfast must go to the media center where a teacher is on duty. In order to help encourage your child’s independence, please refrain from walking them to class after the first two weeks of school. There are many staff members on duty to help them if needed. Kindergarten students often feel proud when they learn the routine of coming in, getting unpacked, and ready to learn on their own.  

Lunch Money: Your child’s lunch will cost $2.85 per day. You may pay for lunch in advance by the week or month. Payment by check and online is encouraged. If you are paying by cash, please place all money in an envelope labeled with your child’s name and what the money is for. Free and reduced lunch forms may be completed online. Please direct any questions regarding these forms to Mrs. Fallen or Mrs. Burris. You are welcome to come and eat lunch with your child any time after the first week of school. We ask that you refrain from visiting the first week so that students have time to adjust to the new kindergarten routine. If you are eating lunch with your child, please sign in at the front office and obtain a visitor’s badge. Please wait for us in the hallway outside of the cafeteria. Your child may choose one friend to eat with them if they would like. Our lunch time is 11:15 - 11:45.  Adult lunch price is $3.75.

  Students who purchase a meal from the cafeteria are allowed to purchase extra items if they are still hungry, if they have money in their account.  You may check the balance in your child’s account online or by contacting Tracy Taylor in the Richfield Cafeteria. If you do not want your child to purchase extra food, please send a note and let us know.

Breakfast: Breakfast will cost $1.25. Your child may eat breakfast in our cafeteria as soon as he/she gets off the bus. If you bring your child to school and wish for them to eat breakfast, please make sure they arrive in time to eat and get to the classroom by 7:55. After 8:00 they will have an unexcused tardy.

Transportation: If your child will have a transportation change, we MUST have a note from you explaining the change. Unless you send a note, your child will be seated on the bus/daycare van to which they are assigned. This does not apply if your child is typically a car rider. Please call the school if emergency situations occur during the day that would cause a change in your child’s transportation.

Absences: A dated, written note giving the reason for your child’s absence is required within two school days of the absence or it will be coded unexcused. Please place the note in your child’s orange folder. More information on attendance policies can be found in the Richfield Student Handbook.

Sickness: Students are not allowed to return to school until they have been fever free for a minimum of 24 hours.

Student Planners:  Your child has been given a student planner. Taped inside the front cover is an explanation key for our classroom behavior plan. Each day students will turn to the correct date in the planner and mark their behavior color. If students have clipped down, there may be a brief note explaining why the clip was moved. Please sign or initial the planner each night. If you have questions or concerns, please write them in the planner or send a note in the orange folder and I will respond as quickly as possible.

We appreciate your support of Richfield School. Please feel free to contact us at the school any time between 3:00 - 3:30. Staff meetings are generally held on Wednesdays and we may be unavailable, but messages will be returned as soon as possible. Our mornings are hectic so please limit discussions concerning your child until after 3:00. Working together we can accomplish our goals for your child. Thank you for sharing your child with us!








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