6th Grade ELA - WSMS - Team 2

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                     6th Grade English Language Arts                                                                                       
Remind 101 information:





Students are expected to read in class and at home!  Nightly homework includes READING a book of choice for 20 minutes and logging it in the student's agenda.  Reading Log grade consists of 20 points for each night of reading.  Students want to read for 5 nights during the week for a 100.  
*Logs will be checked on Mondays. 

Reading log (agenda) should include:
Name of Book
Pages Read
Parent Initials

Students will create a Book Talk/Book Project at the end of each 9 weeks about one of he books they read for homework during that 9 weeks.  The requirements for each project will be different and will be sent home during that 9 weeks.  

 Check agenda daily for homework.
*We will work on specific reading skills/concepts in class. 

It is so important to write.  I challenge my students to find reasons to write.  Write your vocabulary, write your thoughts, write a letter to a friend (or a teacher!)... WRITE!  We will keep a portfolio of our writing this year.
*We will work on specific grammar and punctuation skills in class by creating an Interactive Grammar Composition Notebook.

Speaking and Listening:
Communication through spoken words is also very important skill for all of us to master. 
 *We will practice speaking in public, in small groups, and with a partner during class.

We will be learning words that will help boost students' vocabulary through Flocabulary.  Students are required to complete a chart with word, own definition, 'real' definition, part of speech, synonym and antonym.  They are also required to complete activities that use these words.
*Activities are due Monday.
*Vocabulary tests are on Tuesday.   

We will also learn stems this year.  These tests will be cumulative, which means as students learn a stem and definition, it will be on every test for the remainder of the year.  The stems will be kept in their Stems Composition Book (the other half of the Grammar Composition Book) and in Quizlet.  
*Stems tests are on Friday.