Hello, and welcome back to art!

Supplies for art:

Your pencil and sketchbook are needed daily. The sketchbook can be any type of notebook paper.

Some students want to buy a real sketchbook and like to bring their own markers, sharpies, etc. Please keep them in a container.

I enjoy teaching art because creative thinking happens in our class! My goal is for students to enjoy learning about art history, the many diverse artists and art methods. I have found that art history can help engage students so they are required to do some research, writing and presenting. I include science, math, literacy and social studies into my art lessons. Art projects will involve drawing, painting, sculpture, digital art, and photography. For clay projects our art room is blessed with a pottery wheel and a kiln.

In 2016 I won a $1500 grant for printmaking equipment. Thank you Union Power!

In 2018 I won a $600 STEAM grant for a protective clay ware cart. Thank you Rotary Club of West Stanly!

Students will also have the opportunity to enter art contests and my students have won several state and national awards. Daily art history warm-ups and work ethic will influence a final semester grade. To create a positive learning environment classroom expectations are shared on the first day and are visible in class. Students of all abilities are encouraged to try their best during each project. Making art requires students to think creatively and I enjoy seeing those light bulbs come on when students find a solution to a problem. Creative thinking is a skill they can continue to build upon throughout their life. Student art will be exhibited within the school, annual art shows, the community and here on my classroom blog.

Contact me to donate any art supplies. They are always appreciated!

Thank you,

Mr. Bottoms

"Learning never exhausts the mind."-Leonardo da Vinci

Phone 704-961-3600 ext. 3659

Email stacy.bottoms@stanlycountyschools.org

Information about our printmaking grant can be seen here!

Clay totem poles were installed this summer!

Here are a few that will be seen this fall...

Thank you to the Rotary Club of West Stanly for the grant award! Our art program was able to purchase a clay storage cart that will protect student clay from drying too early. The cart can also be rolled into the storage room for further protection.

8th grade students used multiple values to draw portraits of celebrities. Our hallway displayed over twenty framed portraits!

Paper Mache in May!

All grades completed projects using paper mache. These are some of their works of art!

Mosaics in March!

Students designed their original mosaics after learning about the Roman mosaics.

Staying Warm with Yarn!

8th grade students learned how to weave using yarn. Students learned about the textile industry and then created their own designs.

7th grade students use charcoal pencils to draw a still life. Blue cloth was placed around the wooden model ship to simulate water and students drew from different locations. Students also read about the pilgrim's journey and what occurred during their 65 day trip across the ocean.

7th grade students used charcoal to draw fall trees in front of the moon. We discussed lunar phases, silhouettes and various species including hardwoods and softwoods. Their art will be on display in the Locust Library from September 25th until November 3rd.

6th grade students are getting ready for Halloween. Pumpkins have been sculpted and glazed in the kiln!!

To start the year 8th grade students painted ocean animals individually. They are now collaborating on a classroom ocean mural.

End of year Portraits!

At the end of each semester my 8th grade students must select a person for their portrait drawing. This can be themselves, a relative, friend or a celebrity. I require students to stay focused each day and try their best on this portrait. They sometimes complain about the time and work but they usually like the end result.

New prints!

These are the first prints ever made on our new printing press. The press was acquired through a grant that I wrote last fall. Students have researched the meaning of sustainability and are creating prints that reflect what they hope to see for our future. Students are looking at their artist’s proofs, signing them and then making adjustments for additional prints. The prints are currently on exhibit in the Locust, NC Library and on our classroom blog. Thank you to the NC Bright Ideas grant making committee!

Our new printing press!

The Art Club used a 3D printing pen to print hearts on Valentine's Day!

During January students created paintings for the NC Aviation Art Contest!

Their art has been mailed to Raleigh!

7th and 8th grade students had watercolor paintings on exhibit at the Locust Library!

November 2016:

8th grade artists celebrate Native American Heritage Month.

Our new pottery wheel being used by students! Thanks again to our awesome PTO!

Thank you,

Mr. Bottoms

"Learning never exhausts the mind."-Leonardo da Vinci

Phone 704-961-3600 ext. 3659

Email stacy.bottoms@stanlycountyschools.org

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