Manny Duarte 7th Grade Social Studies Teacher
Middle School Certified Science and Social Studies
Masters Degree Middle School Education Science and Social Studies Eastern Kentucky University 
399 Running Creek Church rd. 
704-961-3600 ex. 

7th Grade 
Social Studies (pdf, 615kb) standards

Unit of Study: Geography

8-28-17 None
8-29-17 Finish "All About Me Gazette" 
8-30-17 None
8-31-17 Study Quizlet Geography
9-1-17 Study Quizlet Geography
9-5-17 Study Quizlet Geography
9-6-17 Study Quizlet Geography
9-7-17 Study Quizlet Geography
9-817 None
9-11-17 None
9-12-17 None 
9-13-17 None
9-14-17 None

Unit of Study: Renaissance  
Homework 9-15-17 None
Homework 9-18-17 Study Vocabulary
Homework 9-19-17 Study Vocabulary
Homework 9-20-17 Study Vocabulary
Homework 9-21-17 Study Vocabulary
Homework 9-22-17 Study Vocabulary/ Work on Important People
Homework 9-25-17 Study Vocabulary/ Work on Important People
Homework 9-26-17 Study Vocabulary Work on Important People
Homework 9-27-17 Submit Important People 
Homework 9-28-17 None
Homework 9-29-17 None
Homework 10-2-17 Reread Reformation and Scientific Rev. Reads
Homework 10-3-17 Twitter Post
Homework 10-4-17 Essential Question R/R and Timeline Activity
Homework 10-5-17 Essential Questions R/R and Timeline Activity
Homework 10-6-17 Essential Questions R/R and Timeline Activity
Homework 10-9-17 Essential Questions R/R and Timeline Activity 
Homework 10-10-17 Essential Question R/R
Homework 10-11-17 None (Work on Explorers Activity)
Homework 10-12-17 None(Work on Explores Activity) 
Homework 10-13-17 None (Work on Explores Activity) 
Homework 10-16-17 None
Homework 10-17-17 Study Vocabulary & Quizlet
Homework 10-18-17 Study Vocabulary & Quizlet
Homework 10-19-17 Study Vocabulary & Quizlet
Homework 10-20-17 Study Vocabulary & Quizlet 
Homework 10-23-17 Study Vocabulary & Quizlet and summary paragraphs (animals, plants, and diseases) 
Homework 10-24-17 Study Vocabulary & Quizlet and Study Study Guide Age of Exploration
Homework 10-25-17 Study for Unit Test Age of Exploration
Homework 10-26-17 Study for Unit Test Age of Exploration 
Homework 10-27-17 Study for Unit Test Age of Exploration- Work on Explores Notebook 
Homework 11-1-17 Study for  Unit Test
Unit of Study: Imperialism and Colonization
Homework 11-2-17 None 
Homework 11-3-17 None
Homework 11-6-17 Writing Prompt Slave Trade 
Homework 11-7-17 None
Homework 11-8-17 None
Homework 11-9-17 None
Homework 11-13-17 Finish Coloring and Labeling European Colonization  Map 
Homework 11-14-17 None-Study Vocabulary
Homework 11-15-17 None -Study Vocabulary
Homework 11-16-17 None-Study Vocabulary
Homework 11-17-17 None-Study Vocabulary 
Homework 11-20-17 None-Study Vocabulary
Homework 11-21-17 None-Study Vocabulary
Homework 11-22-17 None-Study Vocabulary
Homework 11-27-17 Section Review Questions East Africa Read in Journal Book-Study Vocabulary
Homework 11-28-17 None
Homework 11-29-17 Section Review Questions West Africa Read in Journal Book-Study Vocabulary
Homework 11-30-17 None
Homework 12-1-17 None
Homework 12-4-17 Work On Studyguide for Unit Test
Homework  12-5-17 Work on studyguide for Unit Test
Homework 12-6-17 Study for Unit Test 
Homework 12-7-17 None
Homework 12-8-17 None
Homework 12-11-17 None
Homework 12-12-17 Study Vocabulary Quizlet and Handout
Homework 12-13-17 Study Vocabulary Quizlet and Handout 
Homework 12-14-17 None
Homework 12-15-17 None


Please make sure to sign up for remind 101 in all classes
Need Wipes and pencils if anyone can donate

Permission Slips to watch "Hotel Rwanda" to be handed out 11-28-17 

"Hotel Rwanda" to be viewed 12-8-17

Studyguide for Unit Test To be handed out 12-4-17
Unit Test- Imperialism and Colonialism 12-7-17