t does not matter how slowly you
 go as 
as you do 
not stop."
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Mrs. Nelson
In class... 
Some students are in need of new notebooks, paper, and pencils.

Block 1 -
1 step equations & word problems
2 step equations & word problems

Block 2, 5, 6 
Using variables
Simplifying expressions by combining like terms

Writing expressions:
a number plus 3
n + 3

If a student is absent, please remind her/him to come early to class the next day to get started on make-up work. We have teachers on the hall at 7:30.


NOTES in notebook or on Google classroom "Notes"

GRADES are available in EDCloud-SchoolNet-also in grade section of notebook

**Please keep a look out for the weekly homework 

March 20th HW #14 - these are grades!

End of Quarter 

March 29th