Mrs. Jennifer Barbee

7th grade

social studies
Third quarter 

Tuesday, February 7
warm up: Channel One
Activity:   Flocabulary - Industrial Revolution Activity
               2012 London Olympics 'Pandamonium' Opening Ceremonies segment

Monday, february 6
Warm up: Channel One
activity: Begin Industrial Revolution Review Activities
     1. venn diagram comparing/contrasting individual revolution to present day (4 similarities, 12 differences - 6 on each side)
    2. create a story about individuals in photos.  1 page individually, 1.5 if you work with a partner
    3.  create your own invention: draw, label, explain and color
    4. write a letter to a family member overseas from the perspective of someone in the I.R. (woman/child factory worker, inventor, business tycoon, coal miner)
    5.  using computer paper, write your name largely on front.  underneath, write symbols for each letter using morse code.  Color.


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