Welcome to the SCS Instructional Technology website. Instructional Technology supports the teachers and staff of Stanly County Schools through a wide variety of innovative, educational programs and training opportunities. Instructional Technology offers both certified and classified district personnel a wide array of technology training opportunities.  

Research continues to reveal that the use of technology in the classroom by students and teachers can improve student learning and teacher effectiveness.  It is our task as educators: to accept the reality of the digital age, to learn to use the technologies that are available to us, and to ensure that they impact the achievement of our students in a positive way.

A technologically literate learner:
  • explores, evaluates, and uses technology to accomplish, independently and cooperatively, real world tasks;
  • develops knowledge, ability, and responsibility in the use of resources, processes, and systems of technology;
  • acquires, organizes, analyzes, and presents information;
  • expands the range and effectiveness of communication skills;
  • solves problems, accomplishes tasks, and expresses individual creativity; and
  • applies legal and ethical standards.

A QR code is a two-dimensional bar code that can embed a variety of data such as contact info, website address or directions to a location. "QR" stands for "Quick Response", as the code can be scanned and decoded at high speed. When a phone camera scans a QR code using a QR code reader, it shows that embedded data on the phone.

QR codes are very efficient and make use of the vertical dimension to store more data. QR codes are very popular in Japan. They can be used in print advertisements, billboards, maps, business cards, product tags etc. QR codes are now gaining traction in US and elsewhere.
taken from: www.bwscan.com