Mrs. Goins' Grapevine  for the week of  April 24

   I hope that every family had a wonderful spring break and spent time having fun.  It is hard to come back after having such a long break, but before we know it, the year will be ending.  It is time to get back to our routines of reading each night, having math and spelling homework again.

    This week in math, we will be starting to  work with money.  We will be learning the various coins and their values.  Second grade students need to be able to count money with a variety of coins, and to make change from $1.00.  Please let your student examine and count coins for you.  The play money that I have does not have all of the newer coins and it is difficult for the students to learn about the quarters and nickels that are being used today without your help.  We will be doing an activity called the Colt Cafe where the students will place orders for food and have to total the order. As we progress, they will make change from a dollar.

Our  quail eggs are supposed to be delivered today.  We will have them in an incubator for the next few weeks as we learn more about life cycles for our science.  The eggs are provided by the Agricultural Extension, and once they hatch, will be returned to them. We will be candling the eggs to watch their development into baby quail.  I am sure that your student will be happy to give you updates:)

In Social Studies, we are starting a unit on economics.  To make this more interesting to the students, several classes will be involved in learning about  other places in the world.  Our class will be studying  about the continent of Africa and creating  four crafts from their culture.  We will be trading and bartering with the other classes sometime in May.

 I realize that spring weather and the extra sunlight in the evening causes trouble  with homework.  I like the daylight until 8:00 or 
later too.  However, this is the time of the year for students to  be doing their reading homework.  The mClass assessment  is just two weeks away, and I want the students to be able to  show how much growth they have made.  If a student is not doing the reading, there may not be much growth.  Please encourage your student to continue their daily reading, it really is an important skill.

Please come to visit with us for lunch.  We go to lunch from 10:40 to 11:10 a.m.  If you sign in at the office, you may wait for us at the cafeteria door.  You are welcome to sit at the tables in the lobby, or sit at our class tables in the cafeteria.  Due to the growth in the number of students, only your student may join you at the lobby tables.  

Some dates that you may want to remember: 

April  27 - 29    Book fair   Thursday hours 11:00 - 1:00, 3:00-4:00,  Friday hours are the same    Saturday it will be open all hours of the Buttercup Blast.  This is a buy one get one sale:)

April 29 Buttercup Blast   more information is coming home today
Wednesday, May 11    Field day  8:30  to 11:00   Informative letter went  home  from Mrs. Damron before spring break
June 8  Awards day  2nd grade  is  11:15 to 12:00
 Just a reminder, if you need to contact me, you may send a note in the green folders, send me  an email at anna.goins@stanlycountyschools.org.   You can also call the school, and I will return your call as soon as possible, which may be after school.  I welcome your concerns and questions.