Mrs. Goins' Grapevine  for the week of  May 21

     The quail eggs  are in waiting in our  incubator.  Today will be the last day that I can safely candle our eggs. We have 12 eggs, but one was not fertilized. It has not developed as the other 11 have.  The students  understand that in nature, not all eggs produce quail.  Our expected hatch day is Wednesday, May the 30th.  We are learning about other animal life cycles as a part of our science and reading.

    The end of the year mClass reading assessments are drawing to a close.  The students read books based on where they were working independently at the last assessment in January.  They may progress up or down several levels as we search for their present independent reading level.  The independent level is where a student can read and comprehend what they have read.  This is different from the instructional level, which is where they are challenged to reach further and learn more skills.  I teach your student on their instructional level.

 For reading, your student will be bringing home a reading passage with  10 questions.  This week, it's about what happened to the Old Man. Although summer vacation is on the horizon, we are still working on reading skills such as main idea and summarizing.  Please continue to have your student read for 20 minutes each night out loud to you.  This will help your student with their fluency, which is such an important skill.  

All media books are now due to be turned in for the year.  Please send these in as soon as possible since Mrs. English has to do an inventory of all books prior to the end of school. 

   In math,  we have almost finished the final benchmark, which checks to see how well students have done with math skills. I anticipate finishing with this by Wednesday.  In class,  we are working on word problems, and that will be the math homework again for this week.  We will also work on partitioning ( making equal parts) in rectangles and squares, which is really  fractions.  We have been using the geoboards and rubber bands to help with this concept.   We will also be working on angles/vertices and lines in  shapes and telling time to the 5 minute intervals.
    Please remember to send in absence notes when your child is out.  Without  a note, the absence is counted  as unexcused.  

   You are always welcome to come visit with us,or have lunch/ brunch  with your student.  We are the first class to go, at 10:40.  You may sign in at the office and wait for us to arrive outside of the cafeteria.

    It has been  a wonderful but busy year with your student thus far.  If you have any questions, concerns, worries, etc., please contact me. I do check the orange folders each morning for notes or returned papers.  You can email me anna.goins@stanlycountyschools.org, or call the school office to leave a message. It may be after school before I am able to respond to you, depending on what you need answered.  My goal is to provide each student the best Second grade year possible.

Locust School is on Twitter @locust_school and also on Instagram  atlocustelementaryschool

Some dates that you may want on your calendar

Tuesday, May 22  PTA meeting to elect new officers  6:00 in Media Center
Wednesday, May 23  Last box top collection for the year

Monday, May 28  Memorial Day holiday
Monday, June 4    End of the year celebration at Splash Pad in Kannapolis   Information  went home earlier.  Parents are welcome to bring a bag lunch and join us:)
Tuesday, June 5   Awards Day 8:30 a.m.   
Thursday, June 7  Last day of school