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Casey Covington
West Stanly Middle School

7th grade students hand make bows for the poinsettia sale:

6th Grade had a great time at their 
Stanly County Fair Field Trip:

Has your student told you about our mum sale? See the flier below & email me with questions! :)

Mum Sale 17/18

6th Grade students load the incubator with eggs.

7th grade students enjoy holding chicks.

Andrea loves the new chicks!

8th Graders, Anslee Morton, Rachel Huneycutt, & Sheridan Meadors show off their blue ribbons from the Stanly County Fair.

FFA Sells Plants at the Locust Farmer's Market
Oct. 13, 2016

The Fork Field Trip 2/23/16

Students reap what they sew and enjoy some radishes!

Ready for Planting!

Edible Animal Byproducts Lab. Potted meat or Spam anyone?...
April 17, 2015

FFA Field Trip to Huneycutt Farms, Albemarle, NC
April 15, 2015

Greenhouse Construction Continues at WSMS:


March 30, 2015

Congratulations on bringing home victory at the FFA-sponsored, WSHS Dodgeball Tournament! This victory goes to the middle school!

Xavier, Carson, Jessup, & Eli prune back "suckers" and learn about the River Birch (Betula nigra). Carson may be having a little too much fun! ;)

Middle school students hear about agronomy from Curtis Furr from Bear Creek Farms

Middle school students hear from Mr. Callicutt from the N.C. Forest Service. http://www.ncforestservice.gov/

Middle school students learn about beef cattle from Steve Lemons from NC Cooperative Extension. http://stanly.ces.ncsu.edu/site-stanly/

West Stanly Middle School's Greenhouse is Under Construction!!

Ag. Days Field Trip Form

Cademon, Madison, Nicole, and Will enjoy a popcorn party and games at our meeting February 5th. 

Hayden, Josh, Three, Coley, Zack, and Chance enjoy some popcorn at our meeting Feb. 5th.

Exp. Ag. Sci. Syllabus 14-15

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I am excited to start a new semester with the COLTS! Welcome to my classroom 2015 students! :)

Coley and Cheyenne hanging around in the tree house!

Josh, Trevor, Mason, & Cademon relax at the FFA Christmas party.

FFA members enjoy some food and fellowship before our "Dirty Santa" game.

FFA Members hit the road in the pouring rain to represent the organization they love at the Albemarle Christmas Parade!
Dec. 8, 2014

A special "Thank You!" to Oakboro Tractor for letting us use their quality equipment during the Albemarle parade!
Oakboro Tractor
1160 N Main Street
Oakboro, NC 28129
Phone: 704.485.3960

Animal Science 1 students create ruminant digestive tracts out of Play Dough! It was a MOOving experience!

Below is the FFA Discipline Policy. It will be enforced as of Monday, Dec. 1.

FFA Discipline Policy

November FFA Newsletter

FFA T Shirt

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Rhett, Coley, McKenzie, and Cademon enjoy some Subway at our fundraiser.

McKenzie Solomon wraps Subway sandwiches at our Subway night.

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McKenzie Solomon helps wrap sandwiches at our monthly Subway night.

Oct. News

Subway Night Fundraiser!

WSMS FFA Goes to the Corn Maze..

7th grade students hand make bows for the poinsettia sale:

A special CONGRATULATIONS to our very own, Isaiah Lilly who won Best in Show! He won out of every entry entered by those under the age of 18. His work will go on to be entered in the NC State Fair in Raleigh, NC.

Congratulations to the students below who won a blue, red, or white ribbon for their participation in the Stanly County Fair!

Stanly County Fair Field Trip, cont.:

We've got all of our supplies; time to get to work, 6th grade!

My Greenhouse ARMY! :) 11/17/15

Horticulture 1 students complete a lab on soil textures. 4/2/15

Horticulture 1 creates an edible soil profile to help students remember the different soil horizons.

Horticulture 1 students separate soil particles using a colander, dishwashing liquid, and a little muscle. (4.1.15)

Animal Science 1 students create an edible version of an animal cell while learning the different parts. Delicious!!

Animal Science 1 students create 3-D digestive tract posters of a non-ruminant animal (pig), poultry animal, and a ruminant animal (cow).
Dec. 12, 2014

Animal Science 1, high school students, work on a "floor puzzle" to help us memorize the very important reproductive traits of livestock animals.
Dec. 10, 2014

FFA Christmas Invitation

Stephen Smith of Bartlett Tree Experts helps FFA members learn the basics of planting saplings. Thanks for the generous donation Bartlett Tree  Experts! 

FFA members, Cademon, Emily, and Trevor plant 30 TREES with the help of WSHS FFA member, Cody. 
Dec. 4, 2014

4th Block Exploring Ag. Science, 7th graders, make the parade banner for the FFA great!
(Isabel, Shaye, McKenzie, Bailey, Caleb)
Dec. 4, 2014

Nov 12, 2014, 10:19 AM