West Stanly Middle School Mission
Engage. Empower. Encourage.

What We Will Study
Character Traits
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Units By Month
Required Supplemental Units

Optional Supplemental Units

Year-Long Trait to Emphasize:

School, District, and State Goals:
  1. WSMS Vision: West Stanly Middle School creates 21st century learning experiences through a commitment to high quality education, student growth, and service to our community.
  2. Stanly County Schools Goal 3: All schools are safe and caring environments designed to support the social, emotional, and intellectual success of all students, promote respect, and cultivate enthusiasm for learning.
  3. North Carolina State Board of Education Goal 3: North Carolina public school students will be healthy and responsible.
    1. Every learning environment will be inviting, respectful, supportive, inclusive, and flexible for student success.
    2. Every school provides an environment in which each child has positive, nurturing relationships with caring adults.
    3. Every school promotes a healthy, active lifestyle where students are encouraged to make responsible choices.
    4. Every school focuses on developing strong student character, personal responsibility, and community/world involvement.
    5. Every school reflects a culture of learning that empowers and prepares students to be life-long learners.
Expectations for Classroom Integration:
  • Teachers should hold class discussions each week regarding the character trait of the month.
  • Students should complete activities each week that reinforce their learning.
  • Coaches should be actively involved in their assigned teams.
Resources Used: