2nd Grade Super Scholars

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Curriculum Corner:
Math:  We are working on adding and subtracting 2-digit numbers using a variety of strategies.  Soon we will be solving word problems with addition and subtraction.  

Science:  We had a great time studying weather.  Next we will study Properties of matter.  This will be a study about solids, liquids and gases and how they change through the states of matter.  Look for our weather tools soon.

Reading:  We will be reading folktales and fairy tales.  We will be working on character motivation and central messages in folktales.

Spelling/Phonics:  Words Their Way is our phonics and spelling program for second grade.  Please look for child's WtW (Words their Way) journal each night.  The homework and parent letter that was sent home is in a link below.

Helpful Sites:

Helpful Sites:
Study Jams (science/math)

Social Studies:  


Writing about our Reading:  We are working on writing about our reading as well.  This is being done in guided reading.  Students are practicing a strategy called RAP.  There is a link below to the strategy.  

Helpful Sites in General: