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School Bell/Golden Bell Award Dinner

Qualities of a deserving School Bell Nominee:

The School Bell Award is given to educators and/or community members who exemplify service to the community through their contributions toward the enhancement and improvement of education and the enrichment of the lives of children. These individuals help instill in others the knowledge, judgment and
values that shape society and enhance the lives of future generations. 

Two recipients may be selected from each chapter to receive a School Bell Award.

Qualities of a deserving Golden Bell Nominee:

The Golden Bell is an honor bestowed each year on one teacher/leader within the Stanislaus Service Center Council whose service to peers, public education and the teaching profession is exemplary. This award is given to an individual demonstrating outstanding service to the Association at the local, regional, state and national levels. If you would like to nominate someone for a
Golden Bell Award, please call the CTA office at 537-0702 to submit nominee name/s. 

The Golden Bell Award winners are selected by the Awards Dinner Committee based on point values and service.