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The major goal of the Resonant  Inelastic X-ray  Scattering  (RIXS) instrument,  to be placed permanently at beamline NEH 2.1, is to fulfill the need to investigate ground and non-equilibrium states in correlated-electron materials with an unprecedented combination of energy and time resolution.   The instrument will be served by the soft X-ray undulator, fed by the superconducting accelerator.  It will take advantage of  the high flux of narrow-band, nearly transform-limited femtosecond soft X-ray pulses to open new scientific opportunities for spectroscopic studies of elementary excitations.  The major components include a beamline monochromator, shared with NEH 2.2, bendable re-focusing optics, and a versatile high-resolution X-ray spectrometer on a rotatable 6m-long platform.

Vibrational spectroscopy in liquid or gas samples will be accommodated by replacing the UHV chamber dedicated to solid samples with one specialized for fluids.

 Parameter   Value
Undulator SourceSXU 
Photon Energy Range0.25-1.6 keV 
Focused Beam Size Variable, down to 1.5 × 20 µm V  × H 
Beamline Resolving Power Variable, up to 5 × 104 @1 keV in 1st order 
Beamline Transmission  2% 
Repetition Rate up to 929 kHz 
Optical Laser  Yes 
Primary X-ray Techniques Resonant Inelastic X-ray Scattering
X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy
Resonant Elastic X-ray Scattering 
Spectrometer Resolving Power Variable, up to 5 × 104 @1 keV 
Scattering angle 2θ (0 - 160) degrees 
Polarization Analysis Yes, multilayers