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Below is schematic layout of the NEH 2.1 optical elements.   Note that the monochromator system is shared with the NEH 2.2 instrument.

Optic Description     
M1     Flat vertically deflecting mirror      
G       Grating for monochromator system  
M2 Vertical deflecting mirror 
M3    Switching Horizontal Focusing KB Mirror (only used by NEH 2.1)     
EXExit Slit 
M4Flat vertically deflecting Mirror
M5Vertical Focusing KB Mirror 

The  RIXS  Instrument,  schematically  shown  below  is  comprised  of  a  Sample  Chamber  and  its support system, the Spectrometer Arm containing the Parabolic Mirror Chamber, Grating Chamber and the Detector Assembly with polarization analysis, and laser and X-ray interfaces.  The overall length of the Spectrometer Arm is ∼ 6m, measured from the sample location to the back of the 2D detector.  Currently this is limited by the available space.  The nominal height of the X-ray beam is located 1.2 meters above the hutch floor.