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Contact Info

Please feel free to contact us with your feedback and questions.   As we move toward completing a conceptual design your input as a future user of these instruments will help to guide our decision making.    

email: neh1-2feedback@slac.stanford.edu

The Instrument Team Members: 
    Andy Aquila
    Paul Montanez 

Instrument Advisory Panel Members:
    Uwe Bergmann - SLAC
    Adrian Mancuso - EuXFEL
    Claudio Masciovecchio - FERMI Trieste
    Christopher Milne - PSI
    Rob Duarte - LBNL
    David Shapiro - ALS - LBNL
    Garth Williams - BNL-NSLS
    Janos Hajdu - U. Uppsala
    David Reis - Stanford/SLAC
    Ian Robinson - UCL