L2SI Introduction

The LCLS-2 Strategic Initiative (L2SI) Instruments are projects that will develop new instrumentation to leverage the high repetition rate LCLS-II FEL source.  The envisioned instruments will address the LCLS-II Scientific Opportunities and be installed in the LCLS Near Experimental Hall (NEH).  Two of the four instruments (NEH 1.1 and TXI) will occupy the space that is currently home to the AMO and SXR instruments.   The two monochromatic instruments will be located on the ground level of the NEH, adjacent to the pump laser laboratory.   

In order to develop the most scientifically capable instruments, we welcome your feedback as we move toward completing a conceptual design for each instrument.   For more information or to provide feedback we have created a contact information page for each instrument.    

Instrument Names and Defining Capabilities 

NEH 1.1:  High intensity afforded by a sub micrometer focus and dedicated end-stations to study excited state dynamics, quantum systems and nanoscale materials. 

NEH 1.2 or Tender X-ray Imaging (TXI): Access to the tender x-ray spectral range (1000eV-5000eV) as well as the ability to simultaneously receive x-ray beams from both the hard x-ray undulator and soft x-ray undulator.  

NEH 2.1 or Resonant Inelastic X-ray Scattering (RIXS): Narrow bandwidth monochromatic x-rays drive a high resolution soft x-ray spectrometer with variable scattering angle. 

NEH 2.2 or Multirole Monochromatic Instrument (MMI): High throughput monochromator supporting broad scientific studies employing short pulse soft x-ray spectroscopy and scattering.