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Maria Cacho, Kevin Hsu, Suzanne Galoucher, Patricia Carbajales
Nicole Sarto, Michelle Berry, Hannah King
Tuesdays, 3:15-5:05pm. Encina West 202
Thursdays, 3:15-5:05pm. A65, Mitchell
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This is the official public site for the Stanford University course
"GIS for Good: Applications of GIS for International Development and Humanitarian Assistance"

Please visit our student group project pages with the extraordinary projects developed by our talented and hard-working students.

Check out the exciting web mapping applications for each project here.

 Special thanks for their collaboration and support:

  United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees:
     Alice Bosley, Chris Earney, Samuel Perkins, Mariann Urban, Assanke Koedam, Ivan Cardona, Markus Kainradl

  International Rescue Committee:
Kellie Leeson, Giselle Benatar, Chip Barnett

  Professor Firoz Verjee, George Washington University

  Professor James Hathaway, University of Michigan

  Eliza Montgomery, Michael Caton, Ennead Architects

Jon Zemel, Skybox Imaging

 Stanford Geospatial Center:
 David Medeiros, Julie Sweetkind-Singer, Kim Durante, Felicia Bi

 Freeman Spogli Institute

 Haas Center for Public Service:
    Julie Reed, Hilary Douglas

Featured  speakers:
Robert Kabera, The Gifted Education Foundation
Austin Tsao, Buddhist Compassion Relief - Tzu Chi Foundation (about)
Robert Firme, Aiga Stokenberga, Stanford University
Erik Steiner, Spatial History Project, Stanford University
Christiaan Adams, John Bailey, Google