about Miss Marsicano
     I have always been passionate about the arts and the creative process. I have lived in Delavan for most of my life and attended St. Andrews Parish School.  I attended UWM- Milwaukee for two years and then transferred to the University of New Mexico-Albuquerque where I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Later I received my pre K-12 Art Specialists teaching certification at the University of Wisconsin -Whitewater. In 2001 I received a Kohl Foundation Fellowship award.  Teaching at St. Andrews since 1990, I now have  the privilege of teaching the children of  former students.Many of our students have found successful careers in the fields of art and design, media production and teaching.
     As  a working artist I exhibit my work at several venues including Gallery 223 in Lake Geneva.  I continue to be an advocate for the arts in the community and am currently president of the Geneva Lake Arts Foundation .

St. Andrews Art Program

      Our Art Program formally began in 1990.  The art room started in what is now the St. Nick 's gift shop.  We had no sink and drew on the back of recycled flyers. What we did have was a program that was integrated into classroom subject matter which was innovative at the time.  Our art program continues to be disciplined based meaning that students learn art making, art history and the ability to assess not only their work but the work of other artists. 
      Thinking and Drawing are the foundations of our program.  We build on right brain drawing skills which promotes  drawing for accuracy.  While  students master the ability to draw,  they are most importantly thinking ,inventing  and problem solving. Many  projects are based on real life experience.  Projects may involve designing homes and other objects we use everyday, advertising, and graphic design. Students learn life skills such as meeting deadlines as well as listening to and working with others.

 Art Room

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