Señora Luera

I am happy to be teaching Spanish at St. Andrews this year! All students from grades Prekindergarten to 8th will receive Spanish classes every week. Lessons in the lower grades will include reading Spanish books, singing songs, practicing phonetic awareness, syllabification, playing games and having conversations. These lessons are meant to be a fun and energetic. 

Third through 8th grades will have Spanish 60-90 minutes per week. In the upper grades students will begin to read and write about the classroom, school, family, body, clothes and food. We will begin to focus on spelling, grammar, comprehension and oral responses at each developmental level. We will discuss Latin American themes in context such as holidays, geography, music and culture with a few theme-based projects and presentations to create. 

Students in grades 5-8 are using the book series, Realidades A/B. Grades will be based on class participation, quizzes, independent classwork, homework, assessments, projects and presentations.

Please note that I will work with each student on an individual basis so that they feel comfortable with oral presentations and other course expectations. Spanish class is meant to inspire students to feel confident and connected to different cultures in our community.

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