Señora Luera

I am honored t­o deliver the Spanish program at St. Andrews this year! I will travel to the PreK, K, 1st and 2nd grade homerooms to provide Spanish instruction every week. We will read books, sing songs and learn letter names and sounds. Spanish vocabulary will be presented within the context of the stories that we read, and the little ones will have movement to accompany the songs that we sing. This program also includes phonetic awareness, syllabification and reading groups as part of a balanced literacy approach while incorporating games and conversations. These lessons are meant to be a fun and energetic while aligning with the themes that the children are learning during the rest of the school day. 


As for grades 3rd-8th, we will meet in the Spanish classroom for 60-90 minutes per week. The Spanish program for these students will also include literature, songs and games with a few added components. These include relevant Latin American history and geography, modern music, cinema, art, written work and conversations. Students will also be expected to complete theme-based projects and presentations using all of these subject areas. I will give directions and explanations in English for the first trimester with the goal of reaching full immersion by January.  This year students will continue with the book series, Realidades A/B. They will have occasional homework that will include dialogue practice, writing, vocabulary review, grammar and project research/design.  Grades will be based on class participation, quizzes, independent classwork, homework, assessments, projects and presentations.


Please note that I will work with each student on an individual basis so that they feel comfortable with oral presentations and other course expectations. My goal is to personalize part of the class work by allowing students to guide lessons based on their interests. Spanish class is meant to inspire students to feel well rounded, confident and in-touch with our global community.


       ¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español 2018-2019!

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