Mr. Moore ELA 6th, 7th, and 8th grade

8th Grade Focus 
  • Exams are over! We will now return our attention to A Lesson Before Dying and finishing the novel over the next two weeks.
  • We will also complete Faulkner's "A Rose for Emily" and experiment with telling a story using Time as a variable.
  • Romeo and Juliet coming soon!

7th Grade Focus
  • Exams are over; congratulations! We will continue our studies on the themes Searching for Identity and Fate/Destiny
  • Read up to page 207 (and complete study guide) in Heart of a Samurai by Wednesday, February 20th. This will take us to about 75% completion of the entire novel!
  • Also take some time this long weekend and brainstorm on your Origin Myth assignment. You will have class time on Tuesday the 19th to begin your story outline.
  • Your next short story will be something from the great sci-fi writer, Ray Bradbury: "A Sound of Thunder." It is often a student favorite.
  • Coming attractions in Third Trimester: Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, Persuasive writing/analysis, and Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist.
6th Grade Focus 
  • You should now be finished reading The Westing Game and have your study guides and vocabulary completed today for class discussion. Remember that you will use your study guides and notes from our class discussions to prepare for an upcoming final test on the novel next week (probably Thursday). 
  • Your Quantum Leap writing is due Tuesday, February 19th. I'm looking forward to seeing your great adventures!
  • We will continue the short story "6th Grade" on Tuesday. Please take a look at the study guide over the long weekend. You don't need to complete it, but at least be familiar with the questions so that you will be able to answer them on Tuesday.
  • Upcoming: A lighthearted story about slurping celery! AND........ Peter and the Starcatchers!!!!!!!!!!!