The Committee on Diversity is an open group made up of parents, school faculty, staff, and administration, as well as the the church rector, the Very Reverend Susan Gaumer. Valuing diversity is one of the three core values included in the mission statement of St. Andrew's Episcopal School. 

The committee held its first meeting on December 11, 2009.   All members of the St. Andrew's Episcopal School community are welcome to attend meetings, which are held in the school's Rosenberg Library.

Mission of St. Andrew's Episcopal School:
St. Andrew's Episcopal School strives to educate the mind, body and spirit of children by promoting academic excellence and social responsibility in a small, nurturing environment which values faith, reason, and diversity.




The Committee on Diversity shall support St. Andrew’s commitment to diversity by actively promoting a diverse and inclusive learning environment in which all persons – regardless of race, gender, age, national origin, language, ethnic or cultural background, sexual orientation, religious affiliation or beliefs, physical and mental abilities and/or socioeconomic status – feel welcome and affirmed, thereby benefitting students, faculty and staff in all academic, workplace and extra-curricular programs. 

The work of the Committee is grounded in the belief that God creates and cherishes all human beings, thus equity and social justice are standards to uphold as we  understand, embrace and celebrate our differences. 

The Committee will work collaboratively with members of the St. Andrew’s community to provide a forum for open dialogue, identify and develop age- appropriate materials, increase awareness of diversity and multiculturalism, 

and engage in cooperative decision-making. 


To fulfill its mission, the Committee will be actively involved in the following endeavors: 

1. Conduct assessments among students, faculty and staff to identify and develop policies and practices that support and foster 

an inclusive environment in recruitment, hiring, retention, curriculum and programs; 

2. Propose objective criteria for assessing the effectiveness of diversity activities and progress made towards diversity, unity and 


3. Recommend and support diversity awareness training, development and enrichment activities for students, faculty and staff;

4. Recommend and support diversity awareness activities, and factual programming and curriculum; 

5. Raise awareness and sensitivity about the impact existing policies, procedures and operations have on the School’s commitment to diversity and inclusiveness; 

6. Act as a resource to the Head of School and the Board of Trustees in developing and implementing policies and procedures designed to advance diversity and inclusiveness, and by facilitating resolution among students, faculty and staff of issues involving diversity and inclusiveness (reconciliation). 

7. Develop and recommend a process to ensure the prompt consideration of diversity or inclusiveness concerns or grievances 

by any member of the St. Andrew’s community.


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