Deployment Instructions


The Standby Task Force (SBTF) is officially deploying in response to a Digital Humanitarian Network (DHN) activation request from UN OCHA to assist with media monitoring and mapping for Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan).

Super Typhoon Yolanda made landfall early on Nov 8 in Guiuan municipality, Eastern Samar province, Eastern Visayas region.  The storm hit with 150mph winds and gusts up to 170mph. Storm surges and flash floods have been reported in Eastern Samar and Leyte, causing significant damage to buildings and houses, according to UN OCHA, and killing over 10,000, people according to early estimates. Strong winds and heavy rainfall have disrupted telecommunications, limiting information coming out of affected areas.  

UN OCHA requested information on infrastructure damage, population displacement, affected community needs and International and National humanitarian support. The SBTF is currently filtering Yolanda tweets and images by relevance to disaster responders, using the MicroMappers Clickers software, then geolocating and categorizing those tweets and images for use in the ESRI and GIScorps maps, and as raw data for the Statistics Without Borders analyses.

Deployment timeframe: 21:00 UTC, Thursday, November 7th - 22:00 UTC, Sunday, November 17th.

PlatformsThe deployment will use 2 different platforms to perform 3 different tasks via 3 teams: MicroMappers, Categorization and Geolocation. Each platform has its own Skype chat with its own administrator.


STEP 1: Please sign up for the deployment and indicate your availability using this form.

STEP 2: Please send the following people (all of them) a contact request on Skype so that we can add you to the Skype chat window for the deployment called Typhoon Yolanda - Palau General Chat. Please check this Skype window for general instructions:

  • Justine Mackinnon -fidget01
  • Anahi Ayala Iacucci - anahiii
  • Melissa Elliot - mellomely
  • Sara-Jayne Farmer - sj.farmer

STEP 3: Decide what team you would like to work for based on their workflows linked below:

** Please let us know if you can speak any of the local dialects

STEP 4: Contact the relevant Coordinator for that team or announce your choice in the Skype window. You will then be added to the dedicated team Skype chat for training and given instructions on what to do. 


PLATFORM 1: MicroMappers 

This team is open to anyone with an internet connection; no previous training is required for this team. Once you enter the MicroMappers Clickers platform, you will be able to review tweets and images and select the necessary categories from the list.


  • Leesa at or on Skype at viequesbound (or info4disasters)
  • Christina at or on Skype at omamas7

PLATFORM 2: Google Docs - Categorization and Geolocation of Spreadsheets

Two spreadsheet tabs require Geolocation and Categorization of each rows' data. See each Team's workflow (linked below) for full instructions and links to the spreadsheets.


To perform this task you will need to be trained. 


    • Joseph at or on Skype at josephrichardpollack. You can also contact Per at or on skype at per_aarvik
    • Hilary at or on skype at h.nikki.e
    • Rose at or on Skype at kelli.merritz



To perform this task you will need to be trained. 


    • Bert at or on Skype at bertbrugghemans
    • Lillian at or on Skype at pierson.orlando

Deployment Leads:

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Thank you very much for your time and we look forward to working with you!