Stand By Systems II, Inc.

"Standing by" to strengthen your organization.

Stand By Systems II, Inc. (SBS) is a full-service consulting firm specializing in group dynamics and team development for all levels of management and staff.

Our expertise is in helping businesses, organizations, and individuals interact more effectively with each other.  We are a small and focused business that works with organizations of all sizes.

With customized seminars, meetings and coaching, firms reach real solutions to teamwork obstacles and operational issues.

Central to our work is developing effective communication, with the objective of creating environments that promote, value, and use diversity to strengthen organizational goals.  Through our group and individual programs, firms align their commitments and good intentions with practice.  Organizations make meaningful strides to reduce conflict and enable each individual to be included and to advance within the workplace.  In our interactive seminars, firms benefit from active, positive learning environments.  The result is an increase in participants’ knowledge, an expansion of their individual and group accountability, and an extension of their success in the work environment.

Our experience in facilitation, training, and coaching, helps us provide a professional and impartial environment for keeping discussions goal oriented, making it possible for firms to establish measurable results and enhanced performance.