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Creator(s) of SiteName of Charity InvestigatedShort Description of CharityChartity Check Website
Creator(s) of SiteName of Charity InvestigatedShort Description of CharityChartity Check Website
Katherine Cezaire St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital This charity helps kids who are fighting with cancer. Charity Check 
Melani and Katie St.Jude Children Research Hospital It helps kids with there cancer problem Charity Check 
Enzo, Matthew Animal Place This program is about helping farm animals have a better life. The program is raising money to get food, and a place to live. Charity Check 
Dorothy Gautrau ASPCA My charity is to help animals that get abused and neglected. Charity Check 
Conner Reid and Ryan Hassantalebi Animal Haven  A animal sellter across the tri-state area for cats and dogs. Charity Check 
Marcus Joseph and Venkatesh Arvind Animal Rescue Leauge Shelter and Wildlife Center This charity helps and rehabilitates stray animals that have been found in the local area of Pittsburgh. Not just household pets like cats and dogs. Charity Check 
Sebastian Delgado  Animal Friends Its about helping animals reach a world where they are not abused. Charity Check 
Ayana Campbell St Baldricks To help kids with cancer and that are struggling with cancer Charity Check 
Marcos and Mike GT Cheetah Fund Helping Cheetahs survive Charity Check 
Nicole and Chanelle  ASPCA - American Society for Provention of Cruelty to Animals It's mission is to to provide effective means for prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the United States. Charity Check 
Grace Reiter and Jenny Kaba DCPF (Dogs and Cats Pet Foundation) helping people find their furry forever friend Charity Check 
Meilyn and Nashali Pawz hands we help animals in need :) Charity Check 
Jorge Munguia Milan Desai Save The Children Short description is for our charity is to inspire breakthrough and to change lives. Charity Check 
Valery Medina , Courtney Lyons, Stefanie Hinds Animal Friends We help save unwanted animals and give them the care that they need Charity Check 
Pierce Colfer, Alex Vargas ASPCA ASPCA saves animals and creates animal cruelty laws. Charity Check 
Anthony Fils, Pedro Garcia R. Cheetah Conservation  To help cheetah population go up Charity Check 
Jason Rosado African Wildlife Foundation To ensure that Africa's wildlife will stay beautiful Charity Check 
Eli,Sabastian,Jared St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital help defeat child cancer Charity Check 
Iyahnie Robinson ASPCA a shelter that prevents curlity to animals Charity Check 
Courtney Lyons, Valery Medina, Stefanie Hinds  Animal Friends  We help save unwanted animals and give them the care that they need Charity Check 
Johnny and Karim  help defeat cancer creative Charity Check 
Jordalin Nunez and Jordan Suarez animal charity the website talks about dogs and to help them find homes and owners  Charity Check 
Maria Pinto & Kristy Campos St. Baldricks it help kids fight cancer Charity Check 
Genesis and Madison ASPCA these people help support that animal crulety is wrong and try to help animals Charity Check 
Matthew Born wild die loved to save cats that need help Charity Check 
Tasrina Nadeem and Jeada McPherson Save the Children Save the Children is the charity for kids that need help. Such as kids that are poor and can't afford important things in their life. Charity Check 
Melia Peragine & Mikayla Gentile  Castleton Ranch Horse Rescue The charity helps injured, retired, and horses that need loving homes. Charity Check 
Genesis and Madison ASPCA they are against animal cruelty and want to protect the animals. Charity Check 
Colin Sasser and James Mascolo African Wildlife Foundation A charity that saves the african wildlife and community Charity Check 
Jordalin Nunez and Jordan Suarez animal charity we help animals find homes and owners Charity Check 
Malik Francois, Fiona Maznikolli, samuel pollas  Shriner's Hospital for Kids The mission statement is to help prevent diseases for children,and treat them Charity Check 
Declan Nestor, Corey Hart, Owen Wyman ST.BALDRICKS st. baldricks mission is to cure childhood cancer  Charity Check 
Daniella Jimenez and Ava Muto The Wild Animal Sanctuary To prevent and alleviate cruelty to animals which are abandoned or were subject to deprivation or neglect, by providing care and boarding. Charity Check 
Manish, Danny National Pediatric Cancer Foundation Its a cancer foundation to help kids with cancer and help find a cure for cancer. Charity Check 
Diandra Mendez , Sierra Victor ASPCA Are charity is about ASPCA helping animals, and how we support them  Charity Check 
Mahavir Shah and David Lops Orphan Hope We want to help all orphans around the world unlock their true potential. Charity Check 
Damian Diego Edinson  EDD Cancer Charity To help kids with cancer Charity Check 
Janiya Smith Valeria Rubio  ASPCA Our charity saves animals that have been abused by evil people. Charity Check 
Stephanie Nikolova and Brianna Roche Documenting Books For Africa What we do is we have books donated to our website from all over the world. Charity Check 
Jordyn Brown, Andrea Garcia, Caitlyn Foster Ocean Love Our charity helps save animals that live in the ocean that get killed by people and animals. The animals that we are helping are up to the point that their about to be exstinced Charity Check 
SHANTEL SILPOT JORDYN HARTNETT ASPCA our charity is to help animal that are in need. we want them to feel loved and cared for that is why we chose this charity. Charity Check 
Paula Melgar and Rishon Ilao Adopt-A-Pet People that raise money to help people and animals.  
Amy Fuentes , Gabriela Rodriguez Campos , Sophia Flores Animal Wild-life Our charity is a helping community charity for wild-life  
Ja'mere Sutton & Michael Hemmings  Tiger Haven save and protect big cats Charity Check 
Kenneth Delgado Save the Animals save animals from cruelty Charity Check 
Ashley Cameron Edwards, Dorothy Gautrau ASPCA The ASPCA helps animals that need help. You can help. Charity Check 
Ian Cornejo, Chris Romanczuk  Cheetah Conservation Fund The Cheetah Conservation Fund helps cheetahs from getting hunted and from losing their habitats Charity Check 
Nikara Springer, Jazmine Gramajo, Dalia chafloque ASPCA Helps animals in need. Charity Check 
Alexander Byun and Joseph Marinelli American Society for the prevention of the Cruelty of Animals tries to stop animal cruelty  Charity Check 
Aliviah,Melanei Save That Cheetah Save the cheetahs that are in danger Charity Check 
Anaile Souza & Caroline Bernacki Paws and Charity  We are here to help endangered and helpless animals by providing them heath care and food.  Charity Check 
Angel Tax and Madison G Cheetah Fund Help cheetah Charity Check 
April Neylan & Naylenid Ayala ASPCA To save animals from abusive owners and starvation,and to make sure to give them lots of love when they come to the shelter. Charity Check 
Ayleen Fajardo & Estrella Utrera The Humane Society  It is charity were people celebrate animals and confront charity. Charity Check 
Brandon Zeledon And Rastislav Schimik ACA Animal Charity Association  Our website is to help all animals in need. Charity Check 
Bryan Matos Jason Society for protecting the animals Protect animals Charity Check 
Bryan Mondonedo Mike Moresca  ASPCA  Our community takes care of all kinds of animals. Charity Check 
Byron Sarceno, Pharaoh Jones National Pediatric Cancer The site is trying to kill pediatric brain cancer. Charity Check 
Carlos,Bryan  ASPCA they use 73.6 of the money on program  Charity Check 
Cesar Manzo Fabio Gonzalaz ASPCA Our charity is to help raise awareness of human cruelty to animals  Charity Check 
Chanel and Grace Project Linus To provide a sense of security to children with blankets. Charity Check 
Chris Socci Labrador Retriever rescue of CT to save all Labs Charity Check 
Christian & Arden Make A Wish Foundation Our charity devotes its money to help children.  Charity Check 
David and Randy cheetah conservation fund helps cheetahs and there environment Charity Check 
DeAndra , Marly St. Baldricks Our charity is about saving children's lives with cancer Charity Check 
Devin Negron and Jeremy Zecena Save The children Provides for children in need Charity Check 
Ethan Allen, Engers De La Cruz, Jordan Brown ASPCA to provide effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals  Charity Check 
Ethan Tracey and David Bick American Breast Cancer Foundation (ABCF) They help breast cancer victims with financial assistance regardless of age. Charity Check 
Fiona and Elsie  CareForCancer We raise money to help people who suffer from cancer. Charity Check 
Fuad and Jose KBTC Helping kids with brain tumor's by accelerating scientific research for them Charity Check 
Giovanni Galicia Jodian Rhoden ASPCA A charity that wants to save and protect all animals spcificly abused pets Charity Check 
Idalia Ochoa, Emily Delcid  Asthma foundation Help people with asthma Charity Check 
Jacky, Laisha ASPCA This is going to save so many lives and keep these animals safe Charity Check 
Jaime M and DC Cheetah Fun Fund Helping cheetahs Charity Check 
Jaso'n Bin, and Chris arias GreenPeace Fund Helps the enviorment Charity Check 
Jason Ortiz Actors and Others for Animals My charity helps animals with sickness or injury's. Charity Check 
Jenny Sanchez, Kadisha Calderon Forget the Past Women's rites, Women's that have been abuse, tricked, and miss treated. Charity Check 
Jimmy Lopez, Hernan Sigua Animal Friends help protecting animals Charity Check 
Jivelle Cepin and Keylin Salazar ASPCA Helping Animals Charity Check 
Joaquin Diaz Huerta and Nathan Balayev A gift For Teaching The mission Statement is to improve public school education by providing resources and materials for free to teachers to give to their students in need. Charity Check 
Jorge Sagastume and Nick Rizzi Help The Children we tried to help kids as much as possible Charity Check 
Kamrin Skipworth and Karla Pacheco Cheetah Conservation fund This charity raises money to give Cheetahs a better future. Charity Check 
Katherine Diaz and Cristy Vasquez Dogs for the Deaf We help families,adults,and children that are deaf by training dogs. Charity Check 
Katherine F,Deanna.K kids education charity are charity is a slide show based on kids raising money and data about how much money they raised. Charity Check 
Kevin Gutierrez & Michell Calvo   we wantt to donate money for endangered animals Charity Check 
Charity Check CCA (cheetah charity association)  Our charity can save cheetahs from the wild and from dying. Charity Check 
Lance Alswanger-Busch and Kevin Vidal ASPCA ASPCA stops animal cruelty. Charity Check 
Leinaly Navarro Caitlyn Magee Walk For A Cause Teaches you about breast cancer. Charity Check 
Lily Newell, Emily Colino, Brianna Aguirre, Women's learning partnership  They help Women to get back on there feet  Charity Check 
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