There are many times in our lives when we decide to donate to charities that need our money to do their good work. We may feel moved to donate to a charity that does research in a certain health area we are interested in. When someone in our family is affected by specific tragedies we may feel compelled (feeling the need) to donate to certain charities.

We've asked our students to investigate a charity of their choosing and share what they've learned with you, the public.  We hope you will find this to be a good guide in helping you decide which charity to support. 

Students answered the following questions: 
  • What is the mission statement?
  • What does your charity represent? Who do they raise money for? Explain. 
  • Does your charity actually do those things that it tells you about with the money they raise?
  • Does your charity clearly explain what the problem is and how they choose to solve the problem?
  • What outcomes has your charity seen through its work? 
  • How does the charity use your money?
  • What are programs that the charity offer? (Such as cancer do they give to research or help families that may not have health insurance)
  • Is the contribution tax deductible? (meaning you take take it off your income when getting taxes done)
  • Do they have short term or long term goals?
  • Does the charity make sense to you?
  • Can you trust your charity?
  • How much of the money you donate will actually go to the charity?