Welcome to my classroom!  I look forward to a great year!  If you find you need additional help with your math, I am available during TCB 3 days a week for extra help.  If you need additional time, please make arrangements with me in advance to schedule a time for extra help.  I know that each of you can be successful, and I will do everything I can to support you.  I will not be able to help you once class starts on the day the assignment is due. 

There are some great resources online in the event you are outside of class or at home and need extra help.  Some examples are Mathspace, Khan Academy or Youtube.  

There are also many great apps you can load on your phone.  These are great to check your work or make sure you are working problems correctly.  They are a RESOURCE.  Copying the answer from the app will not benefit you in the class, so be sure if you use these apps, you are using them in the appropriate manner.