Welcome back dear STA families please explore our site for updates and information about the St. Thomas' Spanish Program.


Announcements for parents

Second trimester students 

During this trimester I will be teaching only 3rd, 4th and 5th grades. 
Fourth and fifth grades will be graded, students have been notified about their upcoming project. 
Classes are conducted in a very casual environment where their active participation is encouraged. 
Historical, religious, cultural themes have come to life ever since the trimester started. 

Thank you dear parents and students for checking this site. 

Project Details: Due 1/23/18

Fourth and fifth grades 

Students will create a one page project on a subject of their choice (as per discussion in class) from a Spanish speaking country. This could include a food (fourth grade only) Holiday or a saint from any Spanish speaking country (fifth grade only) 

Students will write a half page review of their selected topic in their own words. The review should include details where their topic is from, and why they picked it. In addition to their short review, students should include an image relating to the legend. The entire project should take up no more than a single 8.5 x 11 page. Today 1/9/18 I showed a sample of how their work should look. If any additional questions arise they were advised to email me. However I doubt they would need to as extended discussions on the topic where made. 
I am thrilled to see their completed work on the date posted above.