Spanish final for 5A ONLY on March 7th.

Topics: Grammar rules for turning singulars into plural nouns, definite and indefinite articles, and family members vocabulary. 

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Announcements for parents 

Second trimester  students 

During this trimester I will be  teaching ONLY third, fourth and fifth grades. 
Fourth and fifth grades will be graded, students will be notified weeks in advance as to when projects and quizzes will be given. 
Classes are conducted in a very casual environment where their active participation is encouraged. 
Historical, religious, cultural themes have come to life during the few classes that we have had since this trimester started.
This week we started the new year with a bit of grammar. 
Students were taught how to turn singular nouns into plural nouns as well as the proper use of the definite article (the) in Spanish.  
In addition, students in fourth and fifth grade were given oral instructions on a project due on January 24th.  
This project is very easy to do and should not take too long or create any stress on your children. 
Please make sure they work on their own and they use their own words. Thank you so much for your support dear parents. Muchas gracias por todo su apoyo. 

Project for fourth grade students 
Theme: food/dish 

As discussed during class, first of all pick a Spanish speaking country.  Next, research on a typical  dish that catches your interest. Read about its history and summarize it in you own words why you picked it and your general thoughts on it. This should fit in a regular 8x11 page along with a picture either drawn or printed. A paragraph should suffice, you can share with the classroom additional information that you didn't have room to add on paper.  We all can't wait to hear each other findings.
Due date:January 24th, 2017.

Project for fifth grade students 
Theme: historical event 

As discussed during class, first of all pick a Spanish speaking country. If in doubt check on for such listing. Next, research on a historical event that interests you for example pirate presence in Cuba during the 1600's. Read and summarize it in your own words why you picked this topic and general  highlights as well. This should not take too long please. Your work should fit on a 8x11 page and a drawing or printed picture can be added to demonstrate and share with the classroom. 
Next week students should have an idea what they would like to do and will discuss during class their findings. 
Please this should be a fun project not a source of stress, take your time and be prepared.
Due date: January 24th, 2017. 

* only the afternoon fifth grade class was notified of this project in detail. 
Next week the morning class will be as well.