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****Important for 6th grade parents:
                6th Grade needs to wear their Confirmation Robes to First Friday Mass, Friday May 4th****

Upcoming tests or quizzes (week of 4-23-18)
    6th Religion Thursday, 4-26-18
Upcoming tests or quizzes (week of 4-16-18)
    7th Social Studies Chapter 5 Test 

Upcoming tests or quizzes (week of 4-9-18)
    8th Religion Chapter 12 Test- 4-10-18
    8th Social Studies- Chapter 22 Section 1 and 2 Quiz
    7th Religion Chapter 12 Test
    6th Religion Chapter 9 Test- Test moved to Friday, 4-13-18
We will review tomorrow :) 

Upcoming tests or Quizzes (week of 4-2-18)
Thursday, 4-5
    7th Grade Social Studies Quiz Chapter 5 Sections 1 and 2 

Upcoming Tests or Quizzes ( week of 3-26-18)

    8th Grade Social Studies
         Chapter 21 Test- Monday 3-26-18
    8th Grade Religion
            Wilcox Mansion Paper due on Classroom Wednesday 3-28-18
    7th Grade Religion 
            Complete Chapter 11 Open Book Test (Monday in class)
            Monday Homework 3-26-18: Chapter 12 worksheet on classroom. Due  Wednesday- 3-28-18
    7th Grade Social Studies
    6th Grade Religion
            6A- none. 
            6B- Over break please complete Easter Week Journal Packet. 
Easter Break- 
Wednesday 3-28-18 Half day 
Off Thursday 3-29, Friday 3-30 and Monday 4-2-18