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School Nurse hours and contact information:

Nurse Sarah will be in the clinic Tuesday-Friday 7:45-3:15
293-9452 x243


Clinic Reminders:

It’s been a great start to the school year!  As happens every year, we have entered cold and flu season. We try our best to keep all the students, teachers and staff  HEALTHY here at St. Albert the Great.   The past couple of weeks I have spent time in the Preschool and Kindergarten rooms demonstrating the importance of good hand washing.  Hand washing is the best way to prevent germs from spreading and preventing students from getting sick.   When students come in contact with germs, they unknowingly become infected just by touching their nose, eyes, or mouth.  Do not underestimate the power of handwashing.   The few seconds at the sink can help you stay healthy and save a trip to the doctor’s office.

Please remember, if  your child does get ill, they need to be fever-free and vomiting-free for 24 hours without medication before they may return to school.  

Also as a reminder, our students go out to recess daily.   Unless it is raining or too cold (under 20 degrees).   PLEASE dress your student appropriately for outdoor recess.   Including a coat, hat and gloves.   The younger students have multiple recesses a day and we want them to be recess ready each and every day!

Eating a well balanced diet, getting a good night of sleep and awesome hand washing is a good recipe for HEALTHY students who are ready to learn and grow here at St. Albert the Great!!!  Please help reinforce these practices at home.

Have a HEALTHY rest of the school year.   Contact me if you have any concerns, changes or questions regarding your child’s health.

Nurse Sarah

293-9452 X243